Saturday, July 09, 2005

ESPN MLB 2K5 Passed Ball Bug

When I first bought ESPN MLB 2K5 I thought it was awesome. I also had MVP Baseball 2005 but ESPN MLB 2K5 is much better. The graphics, gameplay and overall control of ESPN MLB 2K5 are great, but there was one issue I had after I played a few games. Whenever I got runners on second and third base, when the computer pitched pitched, a passed ball happened. The first time this happened, I didn't think it was anything, just another cool real-life feature that the game included. But when it happened to different batters in a row in the same inning, I knew something was up. So I looked around online and found that others had the same problem. Someone came up with the solution of going into the "Difficulty" options and setting "Errors" for both you and the CPU to "50". So I tried this solution and it worked. Although now my players were making these stupid errors every game. I averaged around 3 errors per game. I got frustrated with this so I went into the "Difficulty" options and set "Errors" for me at "10" and left the CPU errors at "50". Then I played a game to see what would happen and there weren't any passed balls in the entire game. Out of the ten games that I played, there was only 1 passed ball. So now for all of you ESPN MLB 2K5 fans, you can play a game without the passed ball bug and not have your players make stupid errors. Or you can just take errors off. Your choice. Let me know if you came to another solution to the passed ball bug.

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