Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year! Let's hope next year brings us all the best.

Friday, December 08, 2006

A truly sad story

I came across a very sad article on about a bride named Nicole Paultre who lost her husband-to-be the night before the wedding due to police brutality. This is such a sad story and makes you realize that life can be taken away just like that. Visit these also to read more:

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I took my road test today

Well today I took my road test to try and get my driving license and I passed. I was nervous about it but I calmed myself down and remembered that my fiancee told me she believes in me and knows I can do this, and did it. Having someone believe in you is so wonderful and makes you feel good about yourself and what you can do. I truly love my fiancee and I know I am very blessed to have her in my life. I appreciate her and what she does for me everyday.

About driving, I'm not planning on getting a car yet as I don't have much money right now because I'm saving for the wedding next June with my fiancee and together we will get a car once we plan out where we will live and what kind of car we should get. So for now it's school, work, and save money. But with the holidays coming, saving money is going to be tough because I want to get my fiancee and my family gifts, so it's going to be tough.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Seinfeld star has lost a fan

For those of you who know me, you know that I like the television show Seinfeld a lot and I watch repeats of the show all the time. But I just read a story on about Michael Richards, who played Kramer on Seinfeld, and how he was heckled at a comedy club and then he went back at the group that was heckling him by saying racial slurs at them. I am shocked and disgusted by his actions, and I would have never thought he was that type of person. I have lost a lot of respect for him and now Seinfeld will never be the same for me.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another driving update

This week I had two more driving lessons. We practiced driving in rotaries, driving on the highway, more three-point turns, a little more parallel parking, driving up and down hills, and parking on hills (facing downhill and uphill). It has been fun and a little challenging for me. I would have to say that parallel parking is the toughest and with parking on hills there is a lot to remember with the emergency brake.

So I have two more classes next week and then I take the driving test with a state trooper. I'm a little nervous about this. Hopefully I don't mess up and fail. :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

PHP will be coming faster to Microsoft IIS

In the article "Microsoft Wants Speed Advantage With Open Source PHP" by Charles Babcock, he says that Microsoft is trying to get PHP to run faster on it's web server. All I can say is finally because I think there are more PHP sites out there than ASP right now. This is good for PHP developers, as myself. I'm no expert in PHP but I consider myself to be experienced with PHP. I think this will also make the PHP community grow even more.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Driving update

Well I have taken my first two driving lessons this week and they have been fun. The first lesson included driving of course, going in reverse, making left and right turns, and parking. In the second lesson I practiced driving in a rotary, parallel parking, changing lanes, and we went over what I did in the last class. It has been fun so far, although the rotary part was tough for me. I have my next lesson next week on Tuesday.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm getting my drivers license

Well I finally got my driving permit last week and tomorrow is my first driving lesson. I know, I'm in my mid-twenties and I don't have my license, what? I haven't needed my license because the Boston public transportation takes me to my job and back home and almost anywhere else I need to get to, so I haven't had the need for it. But now since I'll be getting married next June and I'll probably be moving, it's time to get my driving license. So wish me luck, as I'm a little nervous.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 is here

Mozilla Firefox 2 was released on Tuesday, October 24th. From
"Firefox 2 offers a refreshed user interface, anti-phishing protection, improvements to the built-in search feature, tabbed browsing changes, the ability to restore an interrupted session, better support for Web feeds, inline spell-checking, support for microsummaries and a number of other enhancements."
I will be downloading my copy of Firefox 2 and I will be using it as my main browser. You can download Mozilla Firefox 2 on

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is finally here

Well yesterday Microsoft released version 7 of Internet Explorer. If you go to, you can download it and install it on your computer today rather than waiting for it to be downloaded in your Microsoft update next month.

Watch television online for free

Well a friend told me about an application that lets you watch television shows right on your computer when you're online. The application is called TVUplayer and you can download it on their site, My friend told me he was watching the hockey game that was on that very night, so it's like watching television, but it's on your computer. On their site, it says that it brings you programs from all around the world. It also says on their site that TVU will offer video quality that will be equal to better than the typical digital cable channels and you can change channels just like on a regular television. What more can you ask for, right? Currently, the service is free but I can't imagine it staying free forever because this seems like a very good idea and I'm sure someone wants to make more of a profit off of it soon. I'm going to download it and install it and see what happens. Now I can watch two hockey games at once, one on my television and another on my computer screen.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another way to get email

On Matt Cutt's blog he mentioned a free service called dodgeit where you can have an email address set up as an RSS feed. So if someone sends you an email to, anyone who subscribes to the feed can read it. I thought that this was interesting and useful for those who don't like using email because of spam.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NHL hockey today is not hockey as it once was

I've been watching the NHL Center Ice free preview that I'm able to see on cable television now for a week. The games that I've watched there have been so many penalties called, too many in my opinion, that it's taking away the hitting and grit from the game. Watching the Philadelphia Flyers vs New York Rangers game tonight, it was awful because there were too many penalties called. I remember just a few years ago when these two teams had their rivalry going, but today there seemed to be no rivalry at all. Where did real hockey go? I guess it went out when the "new" NHL came in. Well to the commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, I don't like this kind of hockey where you can't go five minutes without a penality being called. You're taking away from the flow of the game, and I'm not the only one who feels this way, there are many out there. Why won't Bettman listen to the fans? I don't know, but that's not a smart way to market/support your sport.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

PS3 shipments will be significantly reduced

It was said that Sony was going to ship four million PS3 units but now it has been significantly reduced to two million units. You can read more on this article on I sure hope that Sony is not rushing the PS3 just to get it out at the date they want to. Take the time to get things right. You remember when Microsoft rushed out the Xbox 360, there were some who had problems with an overheating system. I hope PS3 won't have any problems.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Will Google's office suite challenge Microsoft Office?

There's an interesting article on, Google Discloses Plans for Long-Awaited Office Suite, First Components Due This Week by Aaron Ricadela, which talks about how Google is making an office suite that will be web-based where you can edit Microsoft Office documents and share them online with Google's office suite. It looks like Microsoft will continue to dominate the desktop software environment and Google will dominate the web based software environment. So I don't think that Google and Microsoft will challenge each other, but I think both companies's office applications will be used by consumers.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Get Bryce 5 for free

You can get Bryce 5 for free on the DAZ Productions web site. Bryce 5 is a powerful 3D landscaping and animation program. I haven't used it at all before so I can't say how good it is or if it's easy to use. But you know I'll be downloading myself a copy of it. Get it now while it's still free. This offer is good until September 6th. After you download it and unzip it, you'll need to register it. First sign up for an account on the DAZ site and then go to the register page where you'll be able to register the program so you can use it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Your own Associate store

If you're an Associate, then you've probably noticed already when you log in, something that says "aStore Beta." is letting their Associates have their own online store. The store will only allow you to put's items on the pages, not your own items. You can view my store here (it has hockey stuff). I think this is pretty cool, and smart for Another way for them to bring in the cash.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Can those killer-asteroid movies come true?

I read an interesting and scary article on Yahoo! today which was about asteroids and comets that are in the solar system. It is scary to think that one of those movies where asteroids are falling from the sky may happen in reality. But there may be no happy ending in reality as there is in the movies. You can read more about this in the article "Astronomers look for near-Earth objects."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Browser wars

In the latest's Design View email newsletter there was a part that talked about browser usage and comparing the usage percentage from this July to last July (see chart image below, taken from Sitepoint's newsletter). It may surprise some of the drop that Internet Explorer has taken, but it doesn't surprise me because of the way Firefox has spread. The big surprise is Netscape's jump at almost five percent.

Firefox 2.0 delayed until October

For those Firefox fans/users out there (yes I am one of them), the release of Firefox 2.0 has been delayed until mid-to-late October because of bugs. You can read more about this on

Microsoft will release a free game development program

Microsoft announced that they will be releasing a free game development program called XNA Game Studio Express. It won't be released until August 30th. The program does have a few restrictions that you can read about in an article on This program will allow you to develop games that can run on Windows and XBox 360. I have always wanted to learn how to develop games but I haven't yet, but this program may give me that opportunity. I'll keep you posted when it is released. You can visit Microsoft's XNA site to read more.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fired by a text message

The next time you receive a text message, you may be losing your job. At least that is what happened to someone in London. The company supported the way she was fired by saying that it was "a part of youth culture." This is the first I've heard of something like this. I know that Europeans use text messaging more than people in the United States so I could see this happening there, but it would really surprise me if it happened in the United States.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My search for a tuxedo - part one

My fiancee and I are getting married in June of 2007 and I've been thinking of what kind of tuxedo I should get for our wedding. Of course I want my fiancee to like the tuxedo that I'm going to wear so I'll definitely be asking her opinion of the different tuxedoes I like. I've posted a picture of one tuxedo that I like. The wedding colors are white and gold so the tuxedo to the left is pretty close, if not perfect. But I'm going to look some more and see if I find anything else that looks better. I want your opinion on what you think about the tuxedo to the left. Feel free to leave a comment about the tuxedo. Thanks, I appreciate it.

Cool long limo

Look at the below image of a long limo. I know my fiancee would kill me if I got that for our wedding :) It's probably more appropriate for other events such as a prom or some other type of celebration, but it's not appropriate for a wedding.

(Image from Potrero Hill blog)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Amazon Omakase & Google Adsense ads on same page

Well according to this blog post on, Amazon Omakase and Google Adsense can be placed on the same web page. This is news to Google Adsense users because from what I've heard from others and from Google is that no other ads can be placed on the same page if you use Google Adsense on them. The poster (of that above blog post) received a reply email telling him it was ok, but he also says that he's sending another email just to double check (and hopefully for a different person to reply to him just to make sure).

The blog has an updated post saying that Google has responded again and they don't really answer him with a Yes or No, but they suggest to not use the Amazon Omakase ads with Google Adsense on the same page right now. I'm going to assume that they will not allow it just because of competition and maybe other factors.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Half-Life 2: Episode Two Trailers has two trailers available to watch of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. I have yet to play Half-Life 2: Episode One, but I'm anticipating that Episode Two will be better.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Free photography software in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe has released photography software named Lightroom. You can download the Beta 3 version of the software for free from The software will expire on January 31, 2007 so download it now and have some fun. I am in no way a photography expert, but this software looks interesting to me and I'm going to try it out.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jill Marie Jones in a Baileys commercial

A few posts back I wrote about Jill Marie Jones and that she may be leaving the television show Girlfriends. The past week I've seen her on a Baileys television commercial which promotes having a designated driver when drinking. So it looks like Jill Marie Jones may be doing other things now that she is not on Girlfriends anymore. Good for her, and good that she is doing a positive and important type of commercial. Hopefully she gets another acting job on a television show.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two coming to PC, PS3, and Xbox 360

According to an article on, Valve's founder Gabe Newell says that Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be shipped with a new single-player game called Portals; and the multi-player game Team Fortress 2, which Half-Life fans will remember the original Team Fortress game. You can read more about the new Portals game by clicking the above link.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Carolina Hurricanes are Stanley Cup Champions

Another pick of mine was wrong, as last night the Carolina Hurricanes won Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals against the Edmonton Oilers 3-1, to now be proclaimed Stanley Cup Champions. I had thought that the Oilers would win it all, until goalie Dwayne Roloson got injured and then I thought they had little chance to win. The Oilers almost did it without him, but Carolina was just too much Monday night. Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward won the Conn Smythe Trophy, which goes to the Playoff MVP. So congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes and to their fans and to the Hartford Whalers fans. As a Bruins fan, I can only dream and imagine when the black and gold will hoist the cup again. Hopefully in my lifetime.

Is the TV show "Girlfriends" done?

Well reading a blog entry on, it seems that"Girlfriends" actress Jill Marie Jones (she plays the character Toni) has decided to leave the show. So this may be the end of the series which I have come to enjoy over the years. If you saw the last episode, then you probably got the feeling that the show is on its way to the end, as I did. If the show does continue on, and without Jill Marie Jones, it won't be the same. Her character brings a lot to the show, especially comedy but also other issues. Well I'm hoping that the show continues and Jill Marie Jones is back.

According to another blog post, it says that Jill Marie Jones was deceived by her fellow cast members. They apparently all agreed to work together and negotiate their contracts as a group. But when contracts were offered to all of them, Jill Marie Jones rejected her offer, while the other cast members accepted their offers. Well I don't know if the above information is true or not, but if it is, that is pretty messed up. They should have communicated better with each other.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bill Gates will be stepping down in 2008

This is big news in the technology world. It has been reported that Bill Gates will step down as Chief Software Architect in July 2008. He will have current CTO Ray Ozzie move to that position. It is said that Gates will stay Microsoft's Chairman and take an advisory role in development. Gates will be spending more time and energy in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. To read more about this, read the article "Gates Begins Saying His Long Goodbye" on

Does anyone think this will have a positive or negative effect on Microsoft now or in July 2008? Do you think it will effect the open-source world?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One of my favorite R&B artists

Heather Headley - In My MindI have been meaning to post about her for a while now but I just haven't had the time. If you haven't heard any of Heather Headley's songs from her two albums, you should pick up a copy of her albums right now. Ever since buying her first CD, "This is Who I Am," (CD cover below) she has been one of my favorites. The passion and feeling she puts into each song is just amazing. I enjoy her songs every time I hear them. Some of my favorite songs from Heather Headley are: "In My Mind", "He Is", "Fallin For You", "Sunday", and "If It Wasn't For Your Love."

Heather Headley - This Is Who I Am

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage is spyware

According to the article "What's Genuine About Windows Genuine Advantage?" on, WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) is spyware. Microsoft says no, that it is not spyware, but of course they are going to say that, otherwise they would be lambasted by the public for installing spyware on their users PCs. The article states that Microsoft's Genuine Advantage servers are pinging PCs that have installed the software. The article also says that the WGA validation check does not send information to Microsoft each time that your computer is booted up.

But I'm not so sure. I have the free version of ZoneAlarm firewall installed on my PC and users who have this installed know that when software on your PC tries to access the internet, it will pop-up a notice telling you what software is trying to access the internet. Since I have installed the WGA software on my computer, everytime I start up my computer I get the notice that the WGA software is trying to access the internet. Is it sending personal information about my computer and what I do on my computer to Microsoft? I don't know. If it is then that is wrong and Microsoft should be held accountable. But according to Microsoft they are not collecting personal data and sending it to them, so I guess we'll have to take them at their word. Should we believe them?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Half-Life 2 Episode One review

Half-Life 2 Episode One is now available! is selling this new Half-Life 2 expansion for only $15.98 right now, so get it at this price while you can. has a review on Half-Life2 Episode One and the gameplay and environments are mostly the same but is that a bad thing in Half-Life? Half-Life 2 was awesome and I expect this game to be too. I'll be buying my copy of Episode One soon. So get your copy now!

I'll post some screenshots of the game after I buy it and play it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quite a day

Well usually I don't really tell about my day on my blog here, but today I think I will. I work in downtown Boston and today I got out of work at 5pm. Today was a long and busy day. Going down to the train station (using Boston public transportation, the MBTA), it was jam packed with people. I really don't like taking the train when it's like this because everyone tries to squeeze into the train and you have people pushing and trying to fit in while the doors are trying to close. And when it's hot, that is when it's really bad, just imagine the same I mentioned before, but with people sweating, not good. So the train was packed today and trying to exit the train while it's packed is really hard, especially when you have to try and leap over people's feet trying not to step on anyone, and some people don't even move out of the way. My goodness! But it's over and hopefully tomorrow it won't be that bad.

I just thought I would give my blog a little change to it. Change is always good.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

NHL Playoffs - Stanley Cup finals match-up

It has come down to two teams. One from the Eastern Conference and the other from the Western Conference to play for the Stanley Cup. It will be the Carolina Hurricanes (2) vs the Edmonton Oilers (8). My pick on who will win the Stanley Cup is the Edmonton Oilers. They seem to be destined to win it all. The series schedule looks like this:

Game 1 - June 5th
Oilers at Hurricanes

Game 2 - June 7th
Oilers at Hurricanes

Game 3 - June 10th
Hurricanes at Oilers

Game 4 - June 12th
Hurricanes at Oilers

Game 5 - June 14th
Oilers at Hurricanes

Game 6 - June 17th
Hurricanes at Oilers

Game 7 - June 19th
Oilers at Hurricanes

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Half-Life 2: Episode One coming soon

An article on says that Half-Life 2: Episode One is set for a June 1st launch. It will cost $19.99 at stores and online through Valve's Steam online system. The new expansion does not require the original game to play. By Christmas of this year, there will be two other expansions, Episode 2 and Episode 3. I can't wait for Christmas time for both of those expansions to be out.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Follow up to my Something New post back in February

Last weekend my fiancee and I bought the Something New DVD and watched it together. Back in February I wrote a post about this movie, telling you all that my fiancee saw it and liked it. Well after seeing it, I too enjoyed it and hope others will learn from the movie we can fall in love with someone that is different from us. I can tell you that myself, with my relationship with my fiancee. I love her so much and I can't wait to get married to her. She is the best thing in my life, without her I don't know what I would be doing or where I would be today.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NHL Playoffs - conference finals match-ups

I know I'm late with this post but hey why not now than never, right? Well now that Joe Thornton and the San Jose Sharks are out of the playoffs, I'm going to be cheering for the Buffalo Sabres. The conference finals match-ups are:

Eastern Conference
Carolina Hurricanes (2) vs Buffalo Sabres (4)

Western Conference
Anaheim Mighty Ducks (6) vs Edmonton Oilers (8)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cool commercial, and a good job marketing their site

Today I saw a commercial which appeared to be a movie preview at first. With a guy that was on a watercraft, and it looked like some people were chasing him and shooting at him. Then they showed a light house explode. Then the preview came to an end with "HIJACKED" on the screen which I assumed was the movie's name. Then a URL appeared on the screen and that was the end of the commercial. I said to myself, "what was that? Was that a movie preview or something else?" So I opened a new tab in Firefox and typed in and went to the site. To somewhat of a surprise I found out that it was a sport boat/watercraft company. The site is built in Flash with music playing the background. Now I don't usually like Flash sites because of usability issues and because Flash sites can't get indexed by search engines, so your ranking in search engines will probably suffer. But I found this site to be cool and really nice. I liked the background image of water with a mountain/land in the background with the sun setting. I navigated to the "Films" part of the site, and three movies appeared. Two were enabled for visitors to watch and a third one said that it was coming soon. So I then watched "HIJACKED" and was impressed by the quality (video and audio) of the movie. The acting could use some help though.

I thought that this was an interesting marketing tactic by this company. Having a movie preview with your products in it is pretty cool and then giving the web address in the commerical was a good idea. I know it made me go to the site right after I saw it, I wonder if others did the same. I of course am not going to buy a sports boat because I don't have the money to, plus I'm not a big fan of any type of boats. But that doesn't mean I won't come back to the site to see if they have any new movies. If you saw the commercial on television and then went to the site, drop a comment, even if you didn't go to the site, leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

NHL Playoffs - semifinal match-ups are set

The first round of the NHL playoffs are over and the conference semifinals start tomorrow night. I was 50% correct on my team selections for who would win in the first round. My pick of the Calgary Flames for the Stanley Cup is now gone and wrong since they lost game 7 last night to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. So now looking at the teams and seeing how round 1 went, I think the New Jersey Devils are the best team right now and Martin Brodeur is playing great. I am a Bruins fan (yes, it is hard to be one, they did another stupid thing by not getting Dean Lombardi as their GM, I read that they told him to wait, so then the Los Angeles Kings talked to him and signed him, again another dumb move by the Bruins, ok back to the playoffs...). I am a Bruins fan so I want to see Joe Thornton lead his Sharks to the Stanley Cup finals and win it all, but I think it will be tough for them. Vesa Toskala will need to be great in net for the Sharks. The second round match-ups are:

Eastern Conference
Ottawa Senators (1) vs Buffalo Sabres (4)
The Senators were 5-3 against the Sabres during the regular season.

Carolina Hurricanes (2) vs New Jersey Devils (3)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (5) vs Edmonton Oilers (8)
The Oilers were 3-1 against the Sharks during the regular season.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks (6) vs Colorado Avalanche (7)
The Avalanche were 3-1 against the Mighty Ducks during the regular season.

My predictions for winners for each series are:
  • Ottawa over Buffalo
  • New Jersey over Carolina
  • San Jose over Edmonton
  • Colorado over Anaheim
These predictions I made were very tough to make because I think any of these teams can upset the other and win. This should be another good round. Again, I hope the refs let the players play and hit. Who do you think will win in each of these series? Let me know by posting a comment. You can view the conference semifinal playoff schedule on

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two online funny clips

Here's a funny clip with Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Chelios. I don't know what it's from, if you do post a comment about it. Here's the link.

Also, there's a video of President Bush and impersonator Steve Bridges do a skit at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Here's the link.

Google SketchUp 3D modeling program

Google has released 3D modeling software for free, called SketchUp. The article "Google Releases Free 3D Modeling Software" on has more information about the software. You can get the software for free on the SketchUp page. It looks cool and there's a free version, why not try it?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A funny Red Sox site

I found the site Call of the Green Monster while searching for Red Sox and Yankees fan sites and I read some of the posts and most are hilarious (that's if you follow the Red Sox and know the players). Some of my favorites are the A-Rod hires a firm to make him look more masculine post; the Yankees plan an illegal shift for Ortiz post; and the Damon looks to change idiot image in New York post.

Also, last nights game between the Red Sox and Yankees was a good one. With Johnny Damon coming back to Boston the first time since leaving for New York for more money. He got booed heavily. The cheers went to catcher Doug Mirabelli, who was traded back to Boston from San Diego. Tonight's game was rained out and will be made up on August 18th as part of a double-header that day.

(Everyone remember A-Rod carrying his purse?)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Embarrassing and funny video of President Bush speaking

I little while back I posted about how President Bush can't even speak correct English with some quotes. Well now I found this video on Google that has footage of President Bush saying some rather stupid things. You can watch the video on Google Videos for free.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everyone needs to wake up, think before you act

In a blog entry on Trula-Mama's blog she talks about posting the article "Duke case reopens wounds for black women" on Make sure to read both Trula-Mama's blog entry and the article on MSNBC.

I am a white male so I cannot to relate to any of the incidents that the black women in the article have faced. My fiancee is African-American and if anyone ever treats her with disrespect and/or inappropriately watch out because not only will she let you know what you did was wrong but I personally will. I would not want my daughter (I don't have a daughter right now but I'm thinking if I did) to be treated that way, would anyone? If you're a male and you're actually thinking about treating a female inappropriately, think would you want your daughter or sister or mom to be treated this way? If you have any sense or decency at all your answer would be no. So step off then!

As a white male, I am disgusted about what the lacrosse players did. We don't know yet if they raped the woman, but we know some of them called the two women words that should not be spoken by anyone (in my opinion). That is disgraceful in itself. It saddens me to know that there are still people in this world that use those words. This really pisses me off, rich white boys who think they can do whatever they want. It's obvious their parents didn't do a good job. I was raised to respect everyone no matter their sex, race/ethnicity/color. I cannot even think about doing the things I have read that some males have done to females.

The world will be in my prayers, as it definitely needs help. Everyone needs to treat each other the way you want to be treated. Only then can the world be a better place.

A scary type of trojan

The article "Trojan Demands $10.99 Ransom To Free Files" by Gregg Keizer on says that a new trojan can freeze your computer and put a message on your screen that says that it will delete files from your computer every half hour until you send $10.99 via Western Union to a designated account.

This is really scary stuff and I hope no one gets infected with it. After I read this article, I clicked to change tabs in my Mozilla Firefox browser, but nothing happened. I continued to click different tabs but again it didn't change. I got freaked out all of a sudden because I thought maybe I got this trojan that I just read about. Luckily I was able to press Control+Alt+Delete without any problems and I closed Mozilla Firefox. It was just Firefox acting up (maybe the infamous memory leak problem I've read about) because I had quite a few tabs open at the time. That's not the first time Firefox has froze up on me.

The article though doesn't give a solution to this trojan or who to contact in case you get it. What if someone (a regular common user who doesn't have tech skills) suppose to do when/if they get this message? I have some tech skills and I wouldn't know what to do. My first thoughts are to definitely disconnect from the internet and search your computer for new files. But that may not help. Maybe shut down your computer? Although the article mentions that "ransomware" runs each time Windows boots. So what should I or you do? If I find an article with an answer to this, I'll definitely post a blog entry about it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spike Lee film on Hurricane Katrina

I know I'm late on this but Spike Lee is (or has been) filming a documentary about Hurricane Katrina. This is something that everyone should watch when it comes out because it will raise questions that we should be asking.

" With President George W. Bush's administration constantly being criticized for its slow relief efforts, which affected thousands of Blacks and low-income families, Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan recently speculated that the city's levees were deliberately broken to get "rid of the poor." Meanwhile, Reverend Jesse Jackson compared the New OrleansConvention Center, where evacuees sought refuge, to "the hull of a slave ship." "I wouldn't put anything past the US government when it comes to people of color," Lee told Reuters. "There is too much history ... going back to when the US army gave smallpox-infested blankets to Native Americans." "
You can read more about the documentary on:

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A scary bug that is undetectable

In the article "This Bug Is Nasty, Brutish, and Sneaky" on, it talks about a bug that can go undetectable on a user's computer and can be activated when a user types in a user name or password or bank account number. Read the article to see just how scary this bug looks and what it might do to you.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Xbox 360 problems should cool off

An article on says that the Xbox 360 will soon be getting a CPU upgrade that will help the system to not overheat as some consumers have said they had problems with. Back in December I posted a blog entry about someone trying to sue Microsoft for this problem.

Helpful Windows XP tips

There's a useful article on called "Top 10 Windows XP Tips Of All Time" by George Jones that is interesting and can be useful for some. Some of the useful tips I personally may try are: Tip 2: Recover lost data; Tip 3: Stay on top of registry changes; and Tip 9: Increase available disk space by scaling back System Restore. Of course when doing any of these tips and using the registry, be very careful and make backups.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The NHL playoffs are set and ready

If you're a hockey fan as I am then you're excited about the playoffs. Hopefully the games won't be penalty-driven as the season games were, and they let the players play and hit. Hitting in the playoffs is the most fun and interesting thing about playoff hockey in my opinion. Watch the Calgary Flames play, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Every player on that team hits and plays hard, that's why they are one of my favorite teams to watch. The first round match-ups are:

Eastern Conference
Ottawa Senators (1) vs Tampa Bay Lightning (8)
The Senators were 4-0 against the Lightning during the regular season.

Carolina Hurricanes (2) vs Montreal Canadiens (7)
The Hurricanes were 4-0 against the Canadiens during the regular season.

New Jersey Devils (3) vs New York Rangers (6)
Their record was 4-4 against each other during the regular season.

Buffalo Sabres (4) vs Philadelphia Flyers (5)
The Sabres were 3-1 against the Flyers during the regular season.

Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings (1) vs Edmonton Oilers (8)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

Dallas Stars (2) vs Colorado Avalanche (7)
The Stars were 3-1 against the Avalanche during the regular season.

Calgary Flames (3) vs Anaheim Mighty Ducks (6)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

Nashville Predators (4) vs San Jose Sharks (5)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

My predictions for winners for each series are:

  • Ottawa over Tampa Bay
  • Carolina over Montreal
  • New Jersey over New York
  • Philadelphia over Buffalo
  • Detroit over Edmonton
  • Dallas over Colorado
  • Calgary over Anaheim
  • San Jose over Nashville

Of course I could be wrong with any of these predictions because in the playoffs with hockey, anything can happen. Teams can surprise other teams and beat them out of the playoffs, as Detroit has found out in past seasons. My Stanley Cup winner prediction is the Calgary Flames. Even though my prediction is Calgary, I will be rooting for ex-Bruin (and points leader during the regular season) Joe Thornton and the San Jose Sharks. Thornton and Cheechoo are exciting to watch, as they have demonstrated since the Sharks got Thornton. Okay, okay, I won't get started on that bad bad trade by the Bruins. So there are my predictions, what are yours? Leave a comment about which teams you think will win the first round.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A free way to get the value of your home

I found a site where you can get an estimated value of your home for free. Go to to find your home's value. Of course don't take the value they give you as the exact value because this is probably not exact. But this is pretty cool for people to use.

If you want to be a programmer

Well I wanted to post this before I went to bed tonight. Right now in my life I am an entry-level/maybe intermediate level web developer and I'm currently studying/learning Java. When I first started learning web programming languages, I learned how to code HTML, some JavaScript, and CSS. That was back in 2001-02. Between then and today I have tried ColdFusion (but did not fully understand it to build anything significant); I have learned some PHP (learned to build a small content management system and login system); I have learned some ASP (learned to build a small content management system) and ASP.Net (not that much, I learned a little when I took a Visual Basic.Net class). Currently taking the Java course has made me understand more about programming. It has definitely helped with my understanding of ASP.Net, Visual Basic.Net, PHP, and ASP because of the use of classes, functions, methods, etc. So I'm recommending to anyone that wants to learn about programming and/or become a programmer to take a course on Java and let that be one of the first languages you learn. It will definitely help in the long run of your career. I'm taking a beginner course in Java this semester and next semester I'll be taking the intermediate Java course. In the future I'm hoping to start a web development/software development business.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter holiday. I found a funny video about what the Easter Bunny does the other 364 days of the year and wanted to share it with you. The video has "fake" violence in it, so view at your own discretion. See the video on

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another blog post for my class

This is another blog post for the wiki project in my Using Internet Communications class.

Well the project is close to the end as it is due Monday morning. The project has had its ups and downs but it is finishing on a definite up with four out of five team members contributing to the project. Being the team leader, it was hard to communicate with everyone at the start because I didn't know the times they were available. But a week into the project I had most of my team's schedule and I was able to chat with most of them about the project and get their ideas. I think I could have done a better job, so I've learned for the next time I am the team leader of a project.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand official trailer

Well if you haven't seen it yet, the official trailer for X-Men 3 has been released and you can view it on It looks really good, I can't wait to see it! It comes out in theaters on May 26th.

Crazy hockey brawl

I am a fan of hockey fights but sometimes things can get out of control. I mean it probably won't happen anymore in the "new" NHL with how much softer the game has turned. If you want to see a crazy hockey brawl then check out the video on this blog post. This brawl is just crazy and wild.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Newer type of Sim City game coming

Quite a few years ago I remember playing Sim City 2000 and thought it was cool and fun to play. I haven't played the most recent Sim City games like Sim City 3000 and Sim City 4, but a newer version of Sim City named City Life is being worked on right now. As of today there is no release date but I look forward to looking into this game and seeing if it's worth buying. has a preview with some images. The screenshots look cool and reading about it makes it sound interesting. You can take a look at some of the images below.

(Images courtesy of

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Follow up to my Second Life, your own virtual 3-D world post

Back in November 2005 I posted about a virtual 3-D world where you can play for free, called Second Life. Well recently my fiancee joined and was playing and she encouraged me to join too. So I joined and we played together. I had a fun time playing and liked some cool things you could do such as flying, editing your character, and the graphics were impressive (as real/maybe more realistic than The Sims 2). Below is a screenshot of my fiancee and I playing Second Life with our characters dancing around.

Blog post for my class

This is a blog post for an assignment in one of my classes.

Please create a blog entry (in 300 words or less) on your blog about your experience to date working with your team to create your wiki project. Comment on the challenges have your encountered and how can they be resolved.

Well as of right now the project has been challenging. Not all of the team members have contacted me and given me their contact info and schedules. We have not been able to all together chat at once about the project. This can be resolved by if the team members have not contacted me yet, they need to contact me. Also by meeting in a chatroom on the class site can be a solution. Even with these early challenges I think we'll do just fine with our project.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A DVD that every American needs to watch, listen and think about

I just finished watching the DVD Loose Change 2nd Edition and every single American needs to watch it. If you have questions about 9-11 well you're not the only one. If you live in the United States and want the best for our country, you need to see this. The official Loose Change site is:

You can see some of the DVD on Google Videos for free. View the free video of Loose Change 2nd Edition on Google Videos.

You can also see a part of the DVD on, here:

Watch Jeff King, an MIT engineer go into detail about why the World Trade Center Towers and WTC 7 were brought down by explosives on Google Videos for free.

Watch 9/11 Revisited on YouTube for free.

You can download Loose Change and other interesting videos for free on:

(Post updated on 03/23/06)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A new Sims-like PC game

If you are a Sims fan then you may be interested in the new PC game Tycoon City: New York. In the game you can start businesses such as running a night club, owning a restaurant, having a concert in Central Park, opening a Broadway theater, and more. The screenshots of the PC game look great. You can see more on

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PlayStation 3 will be delayed

It's now official that PlayStation 3 will be delayed for release worldwide until November of this year. The PlayStation 3 though should be released before Thanksgiving. According to an article on, Sony Computer Entertainment's president Ken Kutagari said that the PS3 will be delayed due to "Blue-ray spec finalization." The PlayStation 3 is said to include a hard drive but the hard drive could be sold separately. Also the PlayStation 3 will be able to play DVDs, CDs, PS2 and PS games.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Something to make you smile

Well, being a web developer I haven't had any clients that have really been uneducated with the web and in other technical fields. But apparently others have had bad experiences. I found the site where developers and designers have posted messages and/or experiences from clients, some are really funny and some are just plain scary to think how uneducated some people are about the web and web technologies. I've only gone through the first 150 of them, and some of my favorites from the site are #8, #30, #31, #38, #62. There are too many to list here but you can go through the quotes yourself to read more.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Metastasis, a Half-Life 2 single player mod

As much as I like playing Half-Life 2 Team Deathmatch online with players from all over the world, I sometimes like playing single player mods that developers and fans create. Well I just finished playing one that I really enjoyed and it's called Minerva Metastasis. You can visit the Minerva site and download Metastasis 1 and Metastasis 2. I've only played part 1 as of right now but if part 2 is anything like part 1 then this is a mod everyone should download and play. I've just downloaded part 2 and I plan on playing it tonight and tomorrow. I'll let you know how part 2 is.

You can find more Half-Life 2 mods and other Half-Life 2 stuff in FilePlanet's Half-Life 2 section and in FileFront's Half-Life 2 section.

President Bush can't even speak correct English, what a joke

I can't recall a President with so many English-speaking blunders than what I've heard from President Bush. Another blogger posted some funny and embarrassing phrases that President Bush has actually said. You can read the post, Bushisms for Everyone! from black-girl on her blog. Other countries must think we are a joke to have this guy "leading" us. How many more people have to die or get hurt before Bush is out of office?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mozilla's SeaMonkey application suite available

I know that I'm late with this post, but hey why not now than never, right? Mozilla has released SeaMonkey 1.0, which is an all-in-one application suite with the Mozilla web browser, an email application (very similar to Mozilla Thunderbird, if it's not that), and an HTML editor (Composer). I have downloaded and I'm currently using the SeaMonkey application suite to write this post entry. I have also set up my Gmail account with the mail application, which makes it easy to get my email. You can find out more about SeaMonkey on its project page on

Interesting tape about Bush and others warned about Katrina

An article on titled "Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina" tells us about video footage that President Bush and the homeland security chief were warned that the storm could breach the levees, put people's lives at risk in the New Orleans' Superdome and not have enough rescuers. So why didn't President Bush do anything with this information? A very interesting paragraph in the article:

"Bush declared four days after the storm, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees" that gushed deadly flood waters into New Orleans. But the transcripts and video show there was plenty of talk about that possibility and Bush was worried too."

So what do Bush supporters think of this? I'm sure they'll try and twist it around somehow.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hockey is back and fantasy hockey too!

I'm a hockey fan and I'm so glad that the Olympics are over and NHL hockey will continue. I didn't watch any of the hockey games in the Olympics because I think it's a different style than the NHL. Even though the NHL has gotten much softer than past years, it's not as bad as Euro hockey where there is no hitting, barely any rough play, and no intensity. Who wants to watch that? Oh yeah, Gary Bettman does, anybody else? Nope!

Well if you're a fantasy hockey fan as I am, I have created a league and anyone can join for free. I created a league on, read the directions on how to join my fantasy hockey league.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Will Google challenge Ebay?

Well Google is now offering payment services for its Google Base site. Will Google Base with its payment services challenge Ebay and PayPal? I think this will benefit consumers and hopefully everyone using these services.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Upcoming Web 2.0 software of 2006

An interesting article I saw on by Dion Hinchcliffe named "The Most Promising Web 2.0 Software of 2006" where Dion Hinchcliffe talked about new Web 2.0 software that is available. A lot (if not all) of the Web 2.0 software is somehow using Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML), which currently seems to be the hottest thing right now in the web world. Haven't heard of AJAX? Well read Jesse James Garrett's popular article, "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications" to find out. I'm currently trying to take time to read up about Ajax and to try things on my home computer. I'll let you know if I create anything cool with Ajax.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

This coming Friday, March 3rd, Dave Chappelle's Block Party will be in theatres for everyone to see. I've seen the previews for this movie and it looks funny. The movie is a live show which took place last year in Brooklyn, New York. The movie has comedy and music, with artists such as Erykah Badu (a favorite of mine), Kanye West, Mos Def, Common, Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and more. See the trailer and more about this movie on Yahoo.

Movie: Something New

I haven't seen the movie Something New just yet but my fiancee has seen it and she said that she liked it and enjoyed it. The movie has been out for a few weeks now and I really want to see it. You can see reviews of Something New at the below sites:
My fiancee Amanda and I are in an interracial relationship so we can relate to this movie (after I see it we both can say that). We love each other very much and we are planning to get married in June 2007. We may get weird looks or rude comments about our relationship but not that or anything else will stop us from loving each other and being together.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Half-Life 2 add-ons

Well it seems now that the next add-on for Half-Life 2 will not be called "Aftermath" after all. Valve has announced that the expansion would be named "Episode One" (read article on Valve also confirmed that they have been planning an "Episode Two" add-on for Half-Life 2. These add-ons or expansions will not require you to have the Half-Life 2 game already installed on your computer. You will be able to buy an add-on/expansion and be able to play the new story. If you don't already have Half-Life 2, what are you waiting for, get it now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You ask what's so bad about Microsoft?

Well if you're thinking that Microsoft is bad, then you may have in common what others are thinking. If not, then you're asking what is so bad about Microsoft? Well there is a web page where they went through some good points as to why Microsoft is bad (read it here).

I personally use a Windows operating system but I do use open source applications instead of paying large amounts of money for software, where I can get similar software for free. Instead of buying Microsoft Office for $200-$300, I have downloaded and use OpenOffice for free. I find it has the same tools, same functions to create and edit any documents (document/text files, spreadsheet files, presentation files), and it can even open/save/edit Microsoft documents so you don't have to worry about losing all of your Microsoft documents.

PS3 could be delayed

In the article "Sony: Blu-Ray, Standards Could Delay PS3" by Reuters, it says that the PS3 could be delayed because Sony is waiting for the final specifications that the PS3 will be using, such as the Blu-Ray DVD drive. You can read more by going to the article directly.

Personally I want the PS3 to come out sooner rather than later but I don't want what happened with the Xbox 360 to happen to the PS3, where consumers seemed to have some problems with their systems such as over-heating, which may be due to Microsoft trying to roll out/rushing the Xbox 360 in time for Christmas last year. I would rather have Sony take the time to make a quality product so consumers like myself don't have problems with the PS3.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dave Chappelle on Oprah

On Friday Dave Chappelle was on Oprah and said that stress played the major part in him leaving and going to Africa. He said that people were trying to control his show and he didn't like it (as nobody would like for someone else to try and control something of theirs). Chappelle did say he wants to come back to do seasons three and four but wants to make his own work environment. I hope Comedy Central respects Chappelle enough to give him some space and let him do his thing so we can all enjoy the Chappelle Show once again. You can read more about the interview on this Yahoo TV news article.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is available for download

Microsoft has released a Beta 2 preview of Internet Explorer 7. The article "Internet Explorer 7 Gets RSS, AJAX Infusion" by Matt Hines on, talks about this preview and the new features IE7 will have. The final release of Internet Explorer 7 should be during the second half of 2006. You can get the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 preview on Microsoft's IE7 page.

Friday, January 27, 2006

PS3 to launch in November?

An article on says that analyst Even Wilson is predicting that PlayStation 3 will be released in November this year for North America. The article also states that Wilson could be wrong so I wouldn't buy too much into this. As a PlayStation gamer I'm glad to hear this because I thought we might have to wait until 2007 (but we may have to anyways).

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack preview

Since I heard that The Sims 2 were creating an expansion pack for your Sims to open a business, I've been looking towards getting it. has a preview with lots of screenshots and a trailer movie. I'm interested in what types of businesses you can open. Will it just be shops that sell clothes, food, etc (the same stuff that is already on The Sims 2 when you go downtown to shop)? In some of the screenshots on GameSpy, they show a Sim as a barber giving another Sim a haircut. What else will they have? I can't wait to get this expansion pack. I'll keep you up to date if I hear anything else about this expansion pack.

PS2: 25 To Life game is available

25 To Life for PlayStation 2 is out. It's the game where you can play as either a cop or gangster. I have not played the game yet so I'm going by other's opinions and information on gaming web sites. The screenshots on look pretty good but someone told me that the game let them down. So come to your own conclusion on this game but this is one game that I'll probably get.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Government trying to spy on your Google searches

The article "Google Rebuffs Feds on Search Requests" on Yahoo talks about how the government is trying to get Google to give them data on what people are searching for. As the article mentions, this is a privacy concern and I'm glad that Google is making this stand. The article also says that many other search engines have complied to the government on this request, such as Yahoo. Microsoft didn't even acknowledge the "demand" for this information, but you can guess that they have.

What's next, chips in everyone's computer telling the government what each and every person are typing, viewing, etc. Land of the free, right. I wonder what people who actually voted for Bush are saying now. Oops, we made a mistake. No doubt.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Today is not just a holiday, it's Martin Luther King day

I think many Americans don't really know what today really is, other than just another holiday. Today is Martin Luther King day and he should be honored by everyone for what he did in his life.

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., minister, civil rights leader, intellectual, social reformer, author, recipient of countless accolades and awards, winner of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, parent, and charismatic leader seeking peace in the volatile social transformation taking place in America during the 1950's and 1960's - was suddenly taken from this earth at the hands of an assassin's bullet on April 4, 1968. This solitary man, within a span of thirteen years, did something that changed the way America viewed and treated a portion of its citizens, who were historically faced with racist, restrictive laws as part of their daily living. (A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)"

Martin Luther King links:

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why isn't there being more made of Bush spying on Americans?

A news article on Yahoo was talking about how President Bush just shrugged off spy program questions like it was nothing. Does anyone care about this? I know I care about my privacy, don't you? If the President is able to do this (without receiving authorization) who knows what else he has done/is doing right now. Personally I can't see how President Bush is still the President. After what he has done since he's been in office, I'm just in shock. Aren't you?

Get ready for Half-Life 2: Aftermath

Half-Life 2: Aftermath should be coming out in the next few months, hopefully sooner than that though. I'm very excited about the release. I'm getting a new computer with a really good graphics card and it has great processing speed, what else can make Half-Life 2 any better. You can view some screenshots and the trailer of Aftermath on