Saturday, March 04, 2006

Metastasis, a Half-Life 2 single player mod

As much as I like playing Half-Life 2 Team Deathmatch online with players from all over the world, I sometimes like playing single player mods that developers and fans create. Well I just finished playing one that I really enjoyed and it's called Minerva Metastasis. You can visit the Minerva site and download Metastasis 1 and Metastasis 2. I've only played part 1 as of right now but if part 2 is anything like part 1 then this is a mod everyone should download and play. I've just downloaded part 2 and I plan on playing it tonight and tomorrow. I'll let you know how part 2 is.

You can find more Half-Life 2 mods and other Half-Life 2 stuff in FilePlanet's Half-Life 2 section and in FileFront's Half-Life 2 section.

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