Saturday, April 29, 2006

Embarrassing and funny video of President Bush speaking

I little while back I posted about how President Bush can't even speak correct English with some quotes. Well now I found this video on Google that has footage of President Bush saying some rather stupid things. You can watch the video on Google Videos for free.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everyone needs to wake up, think before you act

In a blog entry on Trula-Mama's blog she talks about posting the article "Duke case reopens wounds for black women" on Make sure to read both Trula-Mama's blog entry and the article on MSNBC.

I am a white male so I cannot to relate to any of the incidents that the black women in the article have faced. My fiancee is African-American and if anyone ever treats her with disrespect and/or inappropriately watch out because not only will she let you know what you did was wrong but I personally will. I would not want my daughter (I don't have a daughter right now but I'm thinking if I did) to be treated that way, would anyone? If you're a male and you're actually thinking about treating a female inappropriately, think would you want your daughter or sister or mom to be treated this way? If you have any sense or decency at all your answer would be no. So step off then!

As a white male, I am disgusted about what the lacrosse players did. We don't know yet if they raped the woman, but we know some of them called the two women words that should not be spoken by anyone (in my opinion). That is disgraceful in itself. It saddens me to know that there are still people in this world that use those words. This really pisses me off, rich white boys who think they can do whatever they want. It's obvious their parents didn't do a good job. I was raised to respect everyone no matter their sex, race/ethnicity/color. I cannot even think about doing the things I have read that some males have done to females.

The world will be in my prayers, as it definitely needs help. Everyone needs to treat each other the way you want to be treated. Only then can the world be a better place.

A scary type of trojan

The article "Trojan Demands $10.99 Ransom To Free Files" by Gregg Keizer on says that a new trojan can freeze your computer and put a message on your screen that says that it will delete files from your computer every half hour until you send $10.99 via Western Union to a designated account.

This is really scary stuff and I hope no one gets infected with it. After I read this article, I clicked to change tabs in my Mozilla Firefox browser, but nothing happened. I continued to click different tabs but again it didn't change. I got freaked out all of a sudden because I thought maybe I got this trojan that I just read about. Luckily I was able to press Control+Alt+Delete without any problems and I closed Mozilla Firefox. It was just Firefox acting up (maybe the infamous memory leak problem I've read about) because I had quite a few tabs open at the time. That's not the first time Firefox has froze up on me.

The article though doesn't give a solution to this trojan or who to contact in case you get it. What if someone (a regular common user who doesn't have tech skills) suppose to do when/if they get this message? I have some tech skills and I wouldn't know what to do. My first thoughts are to definitely disconnect from the internet and search your computer for new files. But that may not help. Maybe shut down your computer? Although the article mentions that "ransomware" runs each time Windows boots. So what should I or you do? If I find an article with an answer to this, I'll definitely post a blog entry about it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spike Lee film on Hurricane Katrina

I know I'm late on this but Spike Lee is (or has been) filming a documentary about Hurricane Katrina. This is something that everyone should watch when it comes out because it will raise questions that we should be asking.

" With President George W. Bush's administration constantly being criticized for its slow relief efforts, which affected thousands of Blacks and low-income families, Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan recently speculated that the city's levees were deliberately broken to get "rid of the poor." Meanwhile, Reverend Jesse Jackson compared the New OrleansConvention Center, where evacuees sought refuge, to "the hull of a slave ship." "I wouldn't put anything past the US government when it comes to people of color," Lee told Reuters. "There is too much history ... going back to when the US army gave smallpox-infested blankets to Native Americans." "
You can read more about the documentary on:

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A scary bug that is undetectable

In the article "This Bug Is Nasty, Brutish, and Sneaky" on, it talks about a bug that can go undetectable on a user's computer and can be activated when a user types in a user name or password or bank account number. Read the article to see just how scary this bug looks and what it might do to you.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Xbox 360 problems should cool off

An article on says that the Xbox 360 will soon be getting a CPU upgrade that will help the system to not overheat as some consumers have said they had problems with. Back in December I posted a blog entry about someone trying to sue Microsoft for this problem.

Helpful Windows XP tips

There's a useful article on called "Top 10 Windows XP Tips Of All Time" by George Jones that is interesting and can be useful for some. Some of the useful tips I personally may try are: Tip 2: Recover lost data; Tip 3: Stay on top of registry changes; and Tip 9: Increase available disk space by scaling back System Restore. Of course when doing any of these tips and using the registry, be very careful and make backups.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The NHL playoffs are set and ready

If you're a hockey fan as I am then you're excited about the playoffs. Hopefully the games won't be penalty-driven as the season games were, and they let the players play and hit. Hitting in the playoffs is the most fun and interesting thing about playoff hockey in my opinion. Watch the Calgary Flames play, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Every player on that team hits and plays hard, that's why they are one of my favorite teams to watch. The first round match-ups are:

Eastern Conference
Ottawa Senators (1) vs Tampa Bay Lightning (8)
The Senators were 4-0 against the Lightning during the regular season.

Carolina Hurricanes (2) vs Montreal Canadiens (7)
The Hurricanes were 4-0 against the Canadiens during the regular season.

New Jersey Devils (3) vs New York Rangers (6)
Their record was 4-4 against each other during the regular season.

Buffalo Sabres (4) vs Philadelphia Flyers (5)
The Sabres were 3-1 against the Flyers during the regular season.

Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings (1) vs Edmonton Oilers (8)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

Dallas Stars (2) vs Colorado Avalanche (7)
The Stars were 3-1 against the Avalanche during the regular season.

Calgary Flames (3) vs Anaheim Mighty Ducks (6)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

Nashville Predators (4) vs San Jose Sharks (5)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

My predictions for winners for each series are:

  • Ottawa over Tampa Bay
  • Carolina over Montreal
  • New Jersey over New York
  • Philadelphia over Buffalo
  • Detroit over Edmonton
  • Dallas over Colorado
  • Calgary over Anaheim
  • San Jose over Nashville

Of course I could be wrong with any of these predictions because in the playoffs with hockey, anything can happen. Teams can surprise other teams and beat them out of the playoffs, as Detroit has found out in past seasons. My Stanley Cup winner prediction is the Calgary Flames. Even though my prediction is Calgary, I will be rooting for ex-Bruin (and points leader during the regular season) Joe Thornton and the San Jose Sharks. Thornton and Cheechoo are exciting to watch, as they have demonstrated since the Sharks got Thornton. Okay, okay, I won't get started on that bad bad trade by the Bruins. So there are my predictions, what are yours? Leave a comment about which teams you think will win the first round.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A free way to get the value of your home

I found a site where you can get an estimated value of your home for free. Go to to find your home's value. Of course don't take the value they give you as the exact value because this is probably not exact. But this is pretty cool for people to use.

If you want to be a programmer

Well I wanted to post this before I went to bed tonight. Right now in my life I am an entry-level/maybe intermediate level web developer and I'm currently studying/learning Java. When I first started learning web programming languages, I learned how to code HTML, some JavaScript, and CSS. That was back in 2001-02. Between then and today I have tried ColdFusion (but did not fully understand it to build anything significant); I have learned some PHP (learned to build a small content management system and login system); I have learned some ASP (learned to build a small content management system) and ASP.Net (not that much, I learned a little when I took a Visual Basic.Net class). Currently taking the Java course has made me understand more about programming. It has definitely helped with my understanding of ASP.Net, Visual Basic.Net, PHP, and ASP because of the use of classes, functions, methods, etc. So I'm recommending to anyone that wants to learn about programming and/or become a programmer to take a course on Java and let that be one of the first languages you learn. It will definitely help in the long run of your career. I'm taking a beginner course in Java this semester and next semester I'll be taking the intermediate Java course. In the future I'm hoping to start a web development/software development business.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter holiday. I found a funny video about what the Easter Bunny does the other 364 days of the year and wanted to share it with you. The video has "fake" violence in it, so view at your own discretion. See the video on

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another blog post for my class

This is another blog post for the wiki project in my Using Internet Communications class.

Well the project is close to the end as it is due Monday morning. The project has had its ups and downs but it is finishing on a definite up with four out of five team members contributing to the project. Being the team leader, it was hard to communicate with everyone at the start because I didn't know the times they were available. But a week into the project I had most of my team's schedule and I was able to chat with most of them about the project and get their ideas. I think I could have done a better job, so I've learned for the next time I am the team leader of a project.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand official trailer

Well if you haven't seen it yet, the official trailer for X-Men 3 has been released and you can view it on It looks really good, I can't wait to see it! It comes out in theaters on May 26th.

Crazy hockey brawl

I am a fan of hockey fights but sometimes things can get out of control. I mean it probably won't happen anymore in the "new" NHL with how much softer the game has turned. If you want to see a crazy hockey brawl then check out the video on this blog post. This brawl is just crazy and wild.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Newer type of Sim City game coming

Quite a few years ago I remember playing Sim City 2000 and thought it was cool and fun to play. I haven't played the most recent Sim City games like Sim City 3000 and Sim City 4, but a newer version of Sim City named City Life is being worked on right now. As of today there is no release date but I look forward to looking into this game and seeing if it's worth buying. has a preview with some images. The screenshots look cool and reading about it makes it sound interesting. You can take a look at some of the images below.

(Images courtesy of