Tuesday, April 18, 2006

If you want to be a programmer

Well I wanted to post this before I went to bed tonight. Right now in my life I am an entry-level/maybe intermediate level web developer and I'm currently studying/learning Java. When I first started learning web programming languages, I learned how to code HTML, some JavaScript, and CSS. That was back in 2001-02. Between then and today I have tried ColdFusion (but did not fully understand it to build anything significant); I have learned some PHP (learned to build a small content management system and login system); I have learned some ASP (learned to build a small content management system) and ASP.Net (not that much, I learned a little when I took a Visual Basic.Net class). Currently taking the Java course has made me understand more about programming. It has definitely helped with my understanding of ASP.Net, Visual Basic.Net, PHP, and ASP because of the use of classes, functions, methods, etc. So I'm recommending to anyone that wants to learn about programming and/or become a programmer to take a course on Java and let that be one of the first languages you learn. It will definitely help in the long run of your career. I'm taking a beginner course in Java this semester and next semester I'll be taking the intermediate Java course. In the future I'm hoping to start a web development/software development business.

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