Thursday, April 27, 2006

A scary type of trojan

The article "Trojan Demands $10.99 Ransom To Free Files" by Gregg Keizer on says that a new trojan can freeze your computer and put a message on your screen that says that it will delete files from your computer every half hour until you send $10.99 via Western Union to a designated account.

This is really scary stuff and I hope no one gets infected with it. After I read this article, I clicked to change tabs in my Mozilla Firefox browser, but nothing happened. I continued to click different tabs but again it didn't change. I got freaked out all of a sudden because I thought maybe I got this trojan that I just read about. Luckily I was able to press Control+Alt+Delete without any problems and I closed Mozilla Firefox. It was just Firefox acting up (maybe the infamous memory leak problem I've read about) because I had quite a few tabs open at the time. That's not the first time Firefox has froze up on me.

The article though doesn't give a solution to this trojan or who to contact in case you get it. What if someone (a regular common user who doesn't have tech skills) suppose to do when/if they get this message? I have some tech skills and I wouldn't know what to do. My first thoughts are to definitely disconnect from the internet and search your computer for new files. But that may not help. Maybe shut down your computer? Although the article mentions that "ransomware" runs each time Windows boots. So what should I or you do? If I find an article with an answer to this, I'll definitely post a blog entry about it.

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