Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cool commercial, and a good job marketing their site

Today I saw a commercial which appeared to be a movie preview at first. With a guy that was on a watercraft, and it looked like some people were chasing him and shooting at him. Then they showed a light house explode. Then the preview came to an end with "HIJACKED" on the screen which I assumed was the movie's name. Then a URL appeared on the screen and that was the end of the commercial. I said to myself, "what was that? Was that a movie preview or something else?" So I opened a new tab in Firefox and typed in and went to the site. To somewhat of a surprise I found out that it was a sport boat/watercraft company. The site is built in Flash with music playing the background. Now I don't usually like Flash sites because of usability issues and because Flash sites can't get indexed by search engines, so your ranking in search engines will probably suffer. But I found this site to be cool and really nice. I liked the background image of water with a mountain/land in the background with the sun setting. I navigated to the "Films" part of the site, and three movies appeared. Two were enabled for visitors to watch and a third one said that it was coming soon. So I then watched "HIJACKED" and was impressed by the quality (video and audio) of the movie. The acting could use some help though.

I thought that this was an interesting marketing tactic by this company. Having a movie preview with your products in it is pretty cool and then giving the web address in the commerical was a good idea. I know it made me go to the site right after I saw it, I wonder if others did the same. I of course am not going to buy a sports boat because I don't have the money to, plus I'm not a big fan of any type of boats. But that doesn't mean I won't come back to the site to see if they have any new movies. If you saw the commercial on television and then went to the site, drop a comment, even if you didn't go to the site, leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks.

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