Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A funny Red Sox site

I found the site Call of the Green Monster while searching for Red Sox and Yankees fan sites and I read some of the posts and most are hilarious (that's if you follow the Red Sox and know the players). Some of my favorites are the A-Rod hires a firm to make him look more masculine post; the Yankees plan an illegal shift for Ortiz post; and the Damon looks to change idiot image in New York post.

Also, last nights game between the Red Sox and Yankees was a good one. With Johnny Damon coming back to Boston the first time since leaving for New York for more money. He got booed heavily. The cheers went to catcher Doug Mirabelli, who was traded back to Boston from San Diego. Tonight's game was rained out and will be made up on August 18th as part of a double-header that day.

(Everyone remember A-Rod carrying his purse?)

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