Thursday, May 04, 2006

NHL Playoffs - semifinal match-ups are set

The first round of the NHL playoffs are over and the conference semifinals start tomorrow night. I was 50% correct on my team selections for who would win in the first round. My pick of the Calgary Flames for the Stanley Cup is now gone and wrong since they lost game 7 last night to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. So now looking at the teams and seeing how round 1 went, I think the New Jersey Devils are the best team right now and Martin Brodeur is playing great. I am a Bruins fan (yes, it is hard to be one, they did another stupid thing by not getting Dean Lombardi as their GM, I read that they told him to wait, so then the Los Angeles Kings talked to him and signed him, again another dumb move by the Bruins, ok back to the playoffs...). I am a Bruins fan so I want to see Joe Thornton lead his Sharks to the Stanley Cup finals and win it all, but I think it will be tough for them. Vesa Toskala will need to be great in net for the Sharks. The second round match-ups are:

Eastern Conference
Ottawa Senators (1) vs Buffalo Sabres (4)
The Senators were 5-3 against the Sabres during the regular season.

Carolina Hurricanes (2) vs New Jersey Devils (3)
Their record was 2-2 against each other during the regular season.

Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (5) vs Edmonton Oilers (8)
The Oilers were 3-1 against the Sharks during the regular season.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks (6) vs Colorado Avalanche (7)
The Avalanche were 3-1 against the Mighty Ducks during the regular season.

My predictions for winners for each series are:
  • Ottawa over Buffalo
  • New Jersey over Carolina
  • San Jose over Edmonton
  • Colorado over Anaheim
These predictions I made were very tough to make because I think any of these teams can upset the other and win. This should be another good round. Again, I hope the refs let the players play and hit. Who do you think will win in each of these series? Let me know by posting a comment. You can view the conference semifinal playoff schedule on

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