Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Carolina Hurricanes are Stanley Cup Champions

Another pick of mine was wrong, as last night the Carolina Hurricanes won Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals against the Edmonton Oilers 3-1, to now be proclaimed Stanley Cup Champions. I had thought that the Oilers would win it all, until goalie Dwayne Roloson got injured and then I thought they had little chance to win. The Oilers almost did it without him, but Carolina was just too much Monday night. Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward won the Conn Smythe Trophy, which goes to the Playoff MVP. So congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes and to their fans and to the Hartford Whalers fans. As a Bruins fan, I can only dream and imagine when the black and gold will hoist the cup again. Hopefully in my lifetime.

Is the TV show "Girlfriends" done?

Well reading a blog entry on Blogcritics.org, it seems that"Girlfriends" actress Jill Marie Jones (she plays the character Toni) has decided to leave the show. So this may be the end of the series which I have come to enjoy over the years. If you saw the last episode, then you probably got the feeling that the show is on its way to the end, as I did. If the show does continue on, and without Jill Marie Jones, it won't be the same. Her character brings a lot to the show, especially comedy but also other issues. Well I'm hoping that the show continues and Jill Marie Jones is back.

According to another blog post, it says that Jill Marie Jones was deceived by her fellow cast members. They apparently all agreed to work together and negotiate their contracts as a group. But when contracts were offered to all of them, Jill Marie Jones rejected her offer, while the other cast members accepted their offers. Well I don't know if the above information is true or not, but if it is, that is pretty messed up. They should have communicated better with each other.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bill Gates will be stepping down in 2008

This is big news in the technology world. It has been reported that Bill Gates will step down as Chief Software Architect in July 2008. He will have current CTO Ray Ozzie move to that position. It is said that Gates will stay Microsoft's Chairman and take an advisory role in development. Gates will be spending more time and energy in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. To read more about this, read the article "Gates Begins Saying His Long Goodbye" on InternetWeek.com.

Does anyone think this will have a positive or negative effect on Microsoft now or in July 2008? Do you think it will effect the open-source world?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One of my favorite R&B artists

Heather Headley - In My MindI have been meaning to post about her for a while now but I just haven't had the time. If you haven't heard any of Heather Headley's songs from her two albums, you should pick up a copy of her albums right now. Ever since buying her first CD, "This is Who I Am," (CD cover below) she has been one of my favorites. The passion and feeling she puts into each song is just amazing. I enjoy her songs every time I hear them. Some of my favorite songs from Heather Headley are: "In My Mind", "He Is", "Fallin For You", "Sunday", and "If It Wasn't For Your Love."

Heather Headley - This Is Who I Am

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage is spyware

According to the article "What's Genuine About Windows Genuine Advantage?" on Microsoft-Watch.com, WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) is spyware. Microsoft says no, that it is not spyware, but of course they are going to say that, otherwise they would be lambasted by the public for installing spyware on their users PCs. The article states that Microsoft's Genuine Advantage servers are pinging PCs that have installed the software. The article also says that the WGA validation check does not send information to Microsoft each time that your computer is booted up.

But I'm not so sure. I have the free version of ZoneAlarm firewall installed on my PC and users who have this installed know that when software on your PC tries to access the internet, it will pop-up a notice telling you what software is trying to access the internet. Since I have installed the WGA software on my computer, everytime I start up my computer I get the notice that the WGA software is trying to access the internet. Is it sending personal information about my computer and what I do on my computer to Microsoft? I don't know. If it is then that is wrong and Microsoft should be held accountable. But according to Microsoft they are not collecting personal data and sending it to them, so I guess we'll have to take them at their word. Should we believe them?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Half-Life 2 Episode One review

Half-Life 2 Episode One is now available! Amazon.com is selling this new Half-Life 2 expansion for only $15.98 right now, so get it at this price while you can.

1UP.com has a review on Half-Life2 Episode One and the gameplay and environments are mostly the same but is that a bad thing in Half-Life? Half-Life 2 was awesome and I expect this game to be too. I'll be buying my copy of Episode One soon. So get your copy now!

I'll post some screenshots of the game after I buy it and play it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quite a day

Well usually I don't really tell about my day on my blog here, but today I think I will. I work in downtown Boston and today I got out of work at 5pm. Today was a long and busy day. Going down to the train station (using Boston public transportation, the MBTA), it was jam packed with people. I really don't like taking the train when it's like this because everyone tries to squeeze into the train and you have people pushing and trying to fit in while the doors are trying to close. And when it's hot, that is when it's really bad, just imagine the same I mentioned before, but with people sweating, not good. So the train was packed today and trying to exit the train while it's packed is really hard, especially when you have to try and leap over people's feet trying not to step on anyone, and some people don't even move out of the way. My goodness! But it's over and hopefully tomorrow it won't be that bad.

I just thought I would give my blog a little change to it. Change is always good.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

NHL Playoffs - Stanley Cup finals match-up

It has come down to two teams. One from the Eastern Conference and the other from the Western Conference to play for the Stanley Cup. It will be the Carolina Hurricanes (2) vs the Edmonton Oilers (8). My pick on who will win the Stanley Cup is the Edmonton Oilers. They seem to be destined to win it all. The series schedule looks like this:

Game 1 - June 5th
Oilers at Hurricanes

Game 2 - June 7th
Oilers at Hurricanes

Game 3 - June 10th
Hurricanes at Oilers

Game 4 - June 12th
Hurricanes at Oilers

Game 5 - June 14th
Oilers at Hurricanes

Game 6 - June 17th
Hurricanes at Oilers

Game 7 - June 19th
Oilers at Hurricanes