Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quite a day

Well usually I don't really tell about my day on my blog here, but today I think I will. I work in downtown Boston and today I got out of work at 5pm. Today was a long and busy day. Going down to the train station (using Boston public transportation, the MBTA), it was jam packed with people. I really don't like taking the train when it's like this because everyone tries to squeeze into the train and you have people pushing and trying to fit in while the doors are trying to close. And when it's hot, that is when it's really bad, just imagine the same I mentioned before, but with people sweating, not good. So the train was packed today and trying to exit the train while it's packed is really hard, especially when you have to try and leap over people's feet trying not to step on anyone, and some people don't even move out of the way. My goodness! But it's over and hopefully tomorrow it won't be that bad.

I just thought I would give my blog a little change to it. Change is always good.

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