Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Amazon Omakase & Google Adsense ads on same page

Well according to this blog post on theiinside.com, Amazon Omakase and Google Adsense can be placed on the same web page. This is news to Google Adsense users because from what I've heard from others and from Google is that no other ads can be placed on the same page if you use Google Adsense on them. The poster (of that above blog post) received a reply email telling him it was ok, but he also says that he's sending another email just to double check (and hopefully for a different person to reply to him just to make sure).

The theiinside.com blog has an updated post saying that Google has responded again and they don't really answer him with a Yes or No, but they suggest to not use the Amazon Omakase ads with Google Adsense on the same page right now. I'm going to assume that they will not allow it just because of competition and maybe other factors.

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