Thursday, October 19, 2006

Watch television online for free

Well a friend told me about an application that lets you watch television shows right on your computer when you're online. The application is called TVUplayer and you can download it on their site, My friend told me he was watching the hockey game that was on that very night, so it's like watching television, but it's on your computer. On their site, it says that it brings you programs from all around the world. It also says on their site that TVU will offer video quality that will be equal to better than the typical digital cable channels and you can change channels just like on a regular television. What more can you ask for, right? Currently, the service is free but I can't imagine it staying free forever because this seems like a very good idea and I'm sure someone wants to make more of a profit off of it soon. I'm going to download it and install it and see what happens. Now I can watch two hockey games at once, one on my television and another on my computer screen.

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