Friday, April 27, 2007

Exploring Vista's desktop wallpapers

Well I wasn't a real big PC wallpaper fan/person that changes my desktop's wallpaper with different pictures. I use Windows XP home edition, and I was using that generic green Windows XP Home Edition wallpaper on my desktop. But hearing about Windows Vista's nice looking graphics and seeing some of the sweet wallpapers that have been created for Vista I had to take a look. So I searched and found a few sites with Vista wallpapers and they all looked really good. So I had to try some out on my desktop. My top 4 favorites are:

I know the smaller versions of these wallpapers doesn't do them justice but I wanted to display my favorites. Below are the sites listed where I found the above wallpapers and even more nice looking Windows Vista wallpapers can be found and you can download for free.
If you know of any other sites that have more wallpapers, feel free to drop a comment and let us all know.

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