Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Only at a Red Sox game

I found this YouTube video clip on another site and had to post it because it's just funny. I'm a Boston Red Sox fan and most Red Sox fans are hardcore about the team and baseball. So sometimes there are things that happen that probably shouldn't happen (such as the "Yankees Suck" chant or fans taunting opposing players). In this case, this was definitely something that should not have happened but it did.

A Red Sox fan tries to catch a foul ball but doesn't and another Red Sox fan apparently is upset that he didn't make the catch, so he does something you won't believe unless you see it. I missed this game on television as I was away in New York so this was my first time seeing this and this was a first for me in seeing something like this happen. Just crazy. Only in Boston or New York you would probably see something like this.
(Video now below)

Update on 04/25/07 at 7:10 PM
Well it seems that this YouTube video has been removed so it won't work when you click the "Play" button. If you didn't get to see it yet, well a Red Sox fan dropped a foul ball, so another Red Sox fan I guess was upset that he didn't catch the ball, so he throws his own slice of pizza at the guy who didn't make the catch. You had to see it to laugh and hear the commentary by Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo, as they made it funnier.

Update on 04/27/07 at 1:38 AM
Ok I found the video on another site. If you haven't seen it yet you got to watch this. Enjoy!

An article on says that the guy who got hit by the pizza is Jason Sole and the guy who threw the slice of pizza was Danny Kelly. Look at the poll on that page with the Boston Herald article. It asks who had better stuff that game, Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett or the pizza thrower. The pizza thrower has 68% of the votes. Funny stuff.

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