Thursday, June 14, 2007

New SimCity game will be SimCity Societies

Remember those SimCity games? Well there is going to be a new one in November coming out that will be a little different from the past SimCity games. This new SimCity game will be named "SimCity Societies". The only SimCity game I've played has been SimCity 2000 which at the time I thought was the best game ever. I still think it's a good simulation game. I hope this new SimCity game will be as fun.

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"The game is going in a new direction that'll allow you to totally customize not just the layout of your city, but the 'character' of it. You'll apparently be able to make everything from a candy-coated fantasyland to a brutal police-state, defining the whole tone and culture of your citizens. Fan of Al Gore? Build yourself a green-living utopia where everyone leaves a small environmental footprint. As the city planner you'll juggle your resident's stats: industry, wealth, obedience, knowledge, devotion, or creativity."

Of course the graphics should be better than past SimCity games, check out the picture below and you can view more here.

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You can read the official press release from EA here.

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