Friday, September 07, 2007

Spyware attacks on MySpace

Be careful on This happened a few months ago, but my brother got a random message from a girl (or so they said they were a girl) and he opened the message. He then said that a message came on his screen, in the bottom right corner, which looked like a Microsoft popup telling him that he had spyware on his lap top. It told him to purchase two programs to get rid of the spyware, they were called Pest Trap and Spylocked. He panicked and bought the two programs. After he installed them and ran them, he thought he got rid of the spyware. But the program kept saying he had spyware.

So my brother told me about it and we quickly searched the internet to find info about these two programs and to our dismay we found that it was a scam. The Spylocked program tells computer users that they have spyware on their computer and it tells them to buy another supposedly spyware catching/fixing program, which it told my brother to buy Pest Trap (or called SpySheriff). The Pest Trap/SpySheriff program will continue to reinstall itself on users' computers.

If you think you have one of these programs or a program similar to these, check out these links:

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