Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Watch out: hackers selling cyber crime tool kits

Wow I just read an article named "Cyber crime tool kits go on sale" on BBC News and the article is about how hackers are creating tools and selling them to other hackers to attack computer users.

Short quote from article:
Some of the most expensive tools are sold with 12 months of technical support that ensures they stay armed with the latest vulnerabilities.

"They are starting to pop up left and right," said Tim Eades from security company Sana, of the sites offering downloadable hacking tools. "It's the classic verticalisation of a market as it starts to mature."

Malicious hackers had evolved over the last few years, he said, and were now selling the tools they used to use to the growing numbers of fledgling cyber thieves.

This is really scary stuff to hear how hackers are actually making money selling these kits to other hackers to harm computer users.

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