Friday, November 30, 2007

Comodo Firewall Pro now free

Comodo Firewall Pro is now free for anyone to download, install, and use. You know I downloaded this free Pro version once I heard about this. Before this available I was using the free version that Comodo had available. So if you don't have the money to buy firewall protection from a well-known company such as McAfee, then try Comodo. I personally suggest using it.

A little about version 3.0 of Comodo Firewall Pro (source):

Comodo Firewall Pro (V3.0) operates from a prevention rather than a detection perspective, and incorporates a sophisticated, layered threat-management approach. Unlike detection/ signature-based firewalls and antivirus solutions that allow all applications to gain access to system resources and then try to detect previously identified viruses by their signatures, Comodo Firewall Pro takes the opposite approach. Comodo A-VSMART architecture allows only those applications known to be safe to gain access to computer resources, greatly reducing the probability of damage occurring.

You can view all of Comodo's free available software here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mozilla releases Firefox 3 Beta

I haven't posted about Firefox in a while because there hasn't been much news recently, until now that is. Mozilla has released a Beta version of Firefox 3. From this article, some changes in the new Firefox are:

Notable features include: a blacklist-based malware protection system; one-click access to site ownership information; a new full-page zoom feature that scales text, layout and images together; and speed and memory usage enhancements.

The two million new or changed lines of code in the browser also yield some improvements for web developers as well, including improved font and image handling, and support for embedded color profiles.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, for those that celebrate the holiday. My wife and I are in Boston, MA for this week to be with my family for Thanksgiving. It's good to come back to my home city and state, seeing what is new and what has stayed the same.

My wife had a bad experience in Boston while driving downtown trying to pick me up from work. She got lost and asked for help to different people (even a police officer) and all of them were rude to her and didn't help her at all. Luckily I was able to get on my cell phone with her and tried to find her via foot. I eventually found her and we were able to get back to my brother's place safely. But my wife was very upset and I was so angry that nobody helped her at all.

To all the police officers out there, if someone asks you for help, please help them no matter what it may be, and no matter the color of the person's skin is who is asking you. You are to protect and to serve, and the police officer that my wife asked for help, did not serve at the moment she needed it. I feel like going off and cursing because it really hurt to see my wife in tears, but I won't. I wish I knew the badge number of the officer so I could report his @ss but I don't have it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Santas can't say ho ho ho anymore?

Earlier this week I read about how people are trying to get Santas to be more fit and not overweight as in the past. This morning I just noticed something else about Santa on the Yahoo! home page and I thought I should blog about it. Apparently Santas in Australia are being told to not say "ho ho ho" and to say "ha ha ha" because it may be offensive to women. Read about it here.

I'm surprised about this because I don't know any women that think of themselves as a "ho" and I don't see how someone could get offended by a Santa saying "ho ho ho" or am I missing something? I could understand if a Santa said it to someone in a way that would be offensive and of course that should not be allowed.

Movie blogging: Why Did I Get Married?

My wife and I watched Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? movie and we both enjoyed it. It's definitely a movie for married couples and probably also good for couples who aren't married but have been together for a little while. The movie had funny parts, serious parts, sad parts, and parts that made you think about your own life and relationship with that special someone. I recommend that you see it with a loved one. If you've seen it, tell me what you thought about it.

Watch two video trailers on Yahoo!.

Another movie my wife and I want to see is This Christmas. View the video trailer on Yahoo!.