Thursday, December 13, 2007

AVPR trailer

Well I saw previews of the upcoming AVPR (which stands for Alien vs Predator Requiem) which from what they showed looked good. I thought the first one was good, mostly because of Sanaa Lathan's acting and beauty, and I liked the action scenes between the Aliens and Predators, but the story I thought was weak. I hope this new movie will have a good story line. Watching some of the videos on YouTube this new movie seems to have more blood/gore, which I'm not really a fan of anyways, but again the action scenes look good. I added one of the previews below for you to watch for yourself.

AVPR Preview


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam. I saw the movie in the UK on Friday 18th Jan. I really enjoyed it and thought that the Brothers Strause really kept true to the original film's concepts.

Adam said...

I forgot to post this sooner, but I eventually got to see this movie and I liked it. The story was ok, and the action scenes I thought were good. I especially liked the scenes with the Predator and Aliens fighting each other. Although I do wish more than one Predator was sent down to Earth, that would have made it better in my opinion.

I read comments elsewhere that people said that the ending was bad. Well I won't tell the ending, but I thought it was ok and it leaves it open for a possible third movie, or maybe just another Predator movie where they come back to Earth (because of the ending).