Monday, January 21, 2008

Today is MLK day

As I do every year since I started this blog I acknowledge when it's Martin Luther King day, as we should all acknowledge and honor King. I saw the article "Tributes to MLK tend to ignore his complexity" on and I thought it was an interesting read.

One of the many points the article makes I will touch on:
"We're living increasingly in a culture of top 10 lists, of celebrity biopics which simplify the past as entertainment or mythology," he said. "We lose a view on what real leadership is by compressing him down to one window."

This is so true as many people look up to the wrong type of people such as celebrities, entertainers, and others in Hollywood when they should be looking up to people who do good or have done good in history. It's so bad that even a celebrity is governor in California, which is a joke in my opinion.

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