Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Internet is running out of bandwidth

AT&T says the internet has two more years until it runs out of bandwidth.

Blame broadband, says AT&T. Decades of dealing with the trickle of bandwidth consumed by voice and dialup modems left AT&T twiddling its thumbs. The massive rise of DSL and cable modem service in the 2000s has had AT&T facing a monstrous increase in the volume of data transmissions. And that's set to increase another 50 times between now and 2015. That's enough, says AT&T, to all but crash the system.

Web video (especially high-definition video) is the most commonly mentioned bandwidth hog. AT&T says video alone will eat up 80 percent of traffic in two years vs. just 30 percent now.


With all of the video that is now online and with P2P sharing I think this could happen, but will it? What do you think?

Verdict in Sean Bell trial

If you didn't hear by now, the three New York detectives that have been on trial for a few charges, from manslaughter to misdemeanor reckless endangerment, in the death of Sean Bell, were found not guilty. I copied some quotes from a NY Times article:

"We just all gasped, like, 'Wow, how could you throw out this whole case?'" said Les Paultre, the father of Nicole Paultre Bell, who was to marry Mr. Bell the day he was fatally shot by the police outside the strip club where his bachelor party had been held. "That's basically what the judge did. He just threw out this whole case."

Some of Mr. Bell's supporters who had gathered outside the courthouse on Friday morning said the judge's decision was the latest in a string of verdicts that condoned the killing of an innocent black man by a New York police officer.

Ms. Paultre Bell's father said that the family received a taunting telephone call Friday afternoon and that the caller identification suggested it came from someone at the Sergeants Benevolent Association, a police supervisors' union. The association's president, Edward D. Mullins, said he would investigate. "If it happened in our office, I want to know who did it," he said.