Thursday, June 05, 2008

Are these real jobs on

A few days ago I was looking through a job search on and some of the results that came up looked fishy to me. I included a screenshot below of three jobs listed on the site that looked a little odd to me. Are these really scams from people trying to steal others' personal private information? Or are these actually legitimate jobs from legitimate real employers? Has anyone applied to jobs like these or been scammed by something like this? Let us all know please.

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Anonymous said...

No, most jobs like that are fake and are either from a multilevel marketing company that wants you to pay to invest money in some kind of scam or they are a company doing something illegal like money laundering.

CareerBuilder also has a lot of problems with fake jobs being posted to steal the identity of the people who apply.

They also sell database access to companies prospecting for markting purposes to sell insurance, financial services and other things you don't want. It is best not to post your resume on the site either.

Never apply for something that seems too good to be true or share any private information with a company you are applying to like your ss number or credit cards.

Basically CareerBuilder doesn't care as long as they get paid because they are not legally liable for anything that happens as a result of their postings.

Richard Jennings said...

you can see real jobs at - I dont work for the company but I did find a real job there.