Monday, July 14, 2008

Google finally releases their 3D virtual world

On July 8th Google released their 3D virtual world called Lively. I downloaded, installed, and started it wondering what it would be like. I was thinking of comparing it to Second Life, the popular 3D virtual world, but it is nothing like SL right now. So back to Lively. I was able to choose my avatar from a few pre-created ones. I then went to a room where there were others in this virtual world. I could move the camera around but I couldn't move my avatar. So after a few minutes of trying different keys and nothing made my avatar move, I left the room. I then saw that I could create my very own room. So I picked an island from a list of pre-created rooms and I made it private so only I could make changes to it. Looking through the tool list of what I could do to the island, I didn't see much that I could do so I logged off. :)

To me it just seems like another way to chat and instant message your friends. This right now doesn't seem like something I will be using but maybe future releases will improve this virtual world to something like SL. Maybe I just have to play more with it.

If you gave Lively a try let me know how it went and what you were able to do in it.

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