Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Spider-Man game trailer

Yup you guessed it, another game post as I'm finding some cool videos of upcoming video games from the G4 web site. If you're a Marvel fan or a Spider-Man fan or a Wolverine fan as I am, then this game will get you very exicted. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is due out this November 21st for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS, and PC platforms. Watch the awesome game trailer below. You'll notice in the trailer that X-Men's Wolverine is in the game.

Watching the video it shows that the symbiote that once took over Spider-Man, and then Venom is trying to take over New York City. You fight as Spider-Man to stop it and you can switch between the black suit and his red suit. I don't know how Wolverine fits into this but I'm wondering if he'll be a playable character or not. This looks like a really cool game and I'm excited about it coming out.

See two more videos and some screenshots on the official Spider-Man: Web of Shadows site.

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Update at 10:32pm
I searched around online and found an interview that IGN had with Chris Scholz, the studio head at Shaba, and Graham Fuchs, the senior executive producer on the game. Below are some insights to the game. Read the whole interview on IGN.

IGN AU: So does that mean that some missions will be open to you and some won't based on where on the metre you are?

Chris Scholz: It's more about who's fighting with you in the missions, or how the city's reacting to you. And then ultimately it does end up [influencing] who's there in the final battle, by your side.

IGN AU: Right. You've got to feel like a superhero -- that's the whole point! You mentioned upgrading Spider-Man before -- take us through that. How much will we be able to create the Spider-Man we want to play as?

Chris Scholz: Okay, so you have the red suit and the black suit, and they're both upgraded differently. For the black suit you have more strength-type abilities -- you can pick up cars and throw them, the red suit is more agility and web-based, so you have a bunch of upgrades for all the different types of web moves you can do. There are six channels that you upgrade, and there's a whole variety of different moves, and you use the experience that you gain from beating people to really customise the character how you want.

Picture of symbiote Wolverine.
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