Thursday, March 19, 2009

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8

Today Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 and also claiming that it is more secure against malware than the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

According to the report Microsoft released Thursday, based on research conducted by NSS Labs, IE8's Release Candidate 1 was 69 percent effective at catching malware before it did damage to a user's system. Mozilla Firefox 3.07 came in second with a 30 percent effectiveness rate, with Apple Safari's 3 in third place with a 24-percent rate and Google's Chrome 1.0.154 in fourth place with 16 percent effectiveness rate

NSS Labs said in the report that the data was collected from tests conducted in just over 12 days from Feb. 26 through March 10 in its labs in Austin, Texas. During the course of the test, the company said it monitored connectivity to ensure the browsers could access the live malware sites being tested, and performed 141 discrete tests. The margin of error of the tests was 3.76 percent, according to NSS Labs.

I have downloaded IE8 and I already like it over IE7. I will still use Mozilla Firefox as my main method of browsing the web, checking email, and doing my regular web based tasks. But being a web developer, I have to look into almost every web browser that is released.

If you have downloaded IE8 and used it, let me know your thoughts about it.

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