Sunday, March 29, 2009

New city simulation game looks good

There's a new city simulation game coming out this year called Cities XL and it looks really good if you're into the city building type of games like Sim City. Below is a basic summary of the game and below that is a video showing some of the nice ideas and graphics in the game.

To catch you up, here's a quick recap: Cities XL will basically offer an offline experience right out of the box and a continuing online experience should you want to pursue the dream of being the world's most successful architect. Like in many other city-building games, such as the SimCity series, the out-of-box, offline game in Cities XL will let you use editing tools to build up the virtual city of your dreams, using powerful tools that will include some 500 different buildings, so you can click, drag, copy-paste, and brush-paint tiny individual houses or sprawling roadway networks, then maintain your population's happiness and income while using your funds to build a bigger, better, happier city.

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