Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Sims 3 trailer video

Here's a new video trailer of Sims 3 showing how now they are going to give Sims different personalities. Looks interesting as it will add more ways to customize your Sim. A part from an article on GameSpy:

Rodiek assures me, though, that Sims 3 isn't about monitoring your Sims' status. Just like in real life, the key to the Sims 3 is more about maintaining a level of overall fulfillment with your life than it is about having a place where you could reliably urinate. I believe him. The "needs" bars are still there, but they're buried under the game's (quite granular) interface. And while your Sims can still languish or even die if you don't attend to their needs, Rodiek insists that it's generally easier to ensure they'll thrive.

It's all about "moodlets," evidently. Think of them as temporary "buffs" that are triggered when you perform certain actions or inhabit specific spaces. When you brush your teeth, you'll get "Minty Breath," which is wholly positive; conversely, if you behave inappropriately toward another Sim in conversation, you might trigger "Creeped Out". Each moodlet corresponds to a specific need, and from what I gleaned watching the demo, their effects persist for a few hours.

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