Saturday, August 08, 2009

Commenting systems for your site

Well I was looking around different blogs and noticed some are using different commenting systems which I wasn't aware about. LOL @ myself because I have been building a web site and basically coding a comment system for the site, but now I find myself wanting to try one of these commenting systems out there. The only thing is I don't know which is best to use. I will list the ones I have found and I wanted to ask if anyone uses these what is good about them and what is not so good. If anyone has found other commenting systems please reply with a comment and let me know about it.

All of the above have free versions to use which is cool. Right now I have a client's site using JS-Kit ECHO (because that was the first one I found) for comments so I will see how that works.

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Adam said...

So for the site that I was using JS-Kit ECHO for, I changed it to the DISQUS commenting system as I was having some login issues with JS-Kit ECHO and seems the site I added in their system to have comments was removed or somehow deleted, and not by me. So now I'm trying DISQUS for that client site. :)