Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google launches Sidewiki

Yesterday Google released Google Sidewiki, which allows anyone with a Google account to post information or comments on a web site which would appear on the sidebar of your browser. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not yet. First thing I thought of is people abusing this to advertise stuff or just posting nonsense. Google and users can rank the comments posted so that should help that concern. We'll see what happens with this, as I think some companies don't want this on their site. To use Google Sidewiki you need to have Google Toolbar installed, and this only works in IE and Firefox right now.

From Google's blog post yesterday:
Today, we're launching Google Sidewiki, which allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage. Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where you can read and write entries along the side of the page.

In developing Sidewiki, we wanted to make sure that you'll see the most relevant entries first. We worked hard from the beginning to figure out which ones should appear on top and how to best order them. So instead of displaying the most recent entries first, we rank Sidewiki entries using an algorithm that promotes the most useful, high-quality entries. It takes into account feedback from you and other users, previous entries made by the same author and many other signals we developed.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HTML email trouble in Gmail and Hotmail

This past week I tried to help in why an HTML email was displaying differently in Gmail and MSN/Hotmail than in Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo. Mainly it was a CSS background image that wasn't displaying in the browser for Gmail and Hotmail. I haven't seen this before as I never send HTML emails so this was a first for me. After some searching online about this issue, I found this eROI resource post listing issues that Gmail and Hotmail don't do in HTML emails, like CSS backgrounds. Make sure to check it out if you send HTML emails.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Best basketball dunk ever

I found this video on Yahoo! and had to post about it as it's probably the best basketball dunk ever caught on video. This is just amazing, watch it below. The guy's name is Guy Dupuy and he is the amateur dunk champ. He performed the below dunk at London's Nike Midnight Madness over the weekend.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Disqus comments for Joomla extension

So today I've been busy trying to update my site, but I haven't done much as things just come up out of no where it seems. I first updated the site to the latest version of Joomla (as of today 1.5.14), as I use the Joomla CMS for that site. Then I found the Disqus Comment System for Joomla! by JoomlaWorks Plugin so I downloaded it. I was very excited about this plugin because Disqus seems to be the best commenting system out there right now for sites. So after downloading it, I looked for installation instructions and could not find any. I found my way through Joomla and was able to install it and made sure it worked after some time playing around with it.

So since I couldn't find installation instructions I thought I would make some since I was able to install it. It's really not that hard to install. Here's what you do to install and enable the Disqus Comment System for Joomla! by JoomlaWorks Plugin for your Joomla site:
  1. If you don't have an account with Disqus, then create one and add your web site to the account
  2. First download the extension, you can find the link on the home page of Joomla Works. You have to scroll down the page until you see "Disqus Comments for Joomla!"
  3. After downloading the ZIP file, go to the Administrator area of your Joomla site
  4. Hover on the "Extensions" tab and click "Install/Uninstall"
  5. Under "Upload Package File", click the "Browse" button and find the ZIP file you downloaded, then click the upload button
  6. It's now installed but we need to enable it, so again hover on the "Extensions" tab, click "Plugin Manager" and find the plugin named "Disqus Comment System for Joomla! (by JoomlaWorks)" and click it
  7. On the left side, click the radio button to enable the plugin. On the right site, in the "Your Disqus subdomain" field, add the "Site Shortname" you gave to your site when setting it up on
  8. Also on the right side you can choose which pages you want to have Disqus comments appear on and if you want to show the comment count on the page
  9. You're now done and you can click "Save"
  10. Go to your site and check it out. You can modify how the Disqus comments look but you'll have to do it on the site.

I hope this mini-tutorial helps anyone who has had trouble installing the Disqus comments Joomla extension on their site. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment here.

Movie blogging: District 9

I saw the movie District 9 a few weeks ago but haven't had time to blog about it until now. I enjoyed District 9 even though I expected a lot of action scenes from what the previews had or what I assumed the usual action movie would be, but this movie brings a lot more than action. Most of the action is at the end of the movie, but it's a good interesting movie. I recommend this movie for others to see but not for kids as there are some graphic blood scenes.

If you saw the movie leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about it.