Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Predators movie trailer

Here's a trailer of the new Predators movie coming out in July. This video is from the official site. This video shows more than the last video I posted about this movie.

How to download YouTube videos

I've been listening to lots of songs on YouTube recently, most recently listening to the instrumental songs from X-Ray Dog which are awesome. Anyways I read some of the comments while listening and it appears lots of people don't know how to download the YouTube video and then convert it to a MP3. So I'll walk you through that now. This is one of the ways you can do it, there are other ways as well and sites out there that can do it too. So here we go:
  • First download the latest Real Player, which is free, and install it
  • Have the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox installed
  • Download and install WinFF
  • Go to YouTube and find the video you want the audio from
  • Mouseover the video and a Real Player overlay box should appear at the top right of the video that says "Download This Video", click that
  • A download progress bar will appear and after it finishes downloading, find where on your C drive it was saved to. The file(s) will be saved as FLV files (Flash video files)
  • Run WinFF
  • Drag the FLV files onto the WinFF interface or you can click "Add" on the WinFF toolbar and find your FLV files that way
  • In the WinFF program, find where it says "Convert To..." and in the drop-down make sure "Audio" is selected
  • Under that is the "Device Preset" drop-down, make sure to select "MP3"
  • Then you can select the "Output folder" meaning where you want the converted file to be saved
  • After all of that, you're ready to convert it, click the "Convert" button
  • A command prompt window will pop up and your file will be converted after about 30 seconds (the longer the video the longer the conversion process)
That's all you have to do to get audio from a video on YouTube. Leave a comment if you have trouble or have a question about this process. I hope this helps everyone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Mortal Kombat Rebirth movie

There's also a new Mortal Kombat movie that's being worked on but I heard it won't be coming out for awhile. Anyways from this preview it looks like it may be really good.

New Predators movie

There's a new Predators movie coming out on July 9th. It looks interesting and I hope the script is good. Watch a preview below.