Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Old X-Men arcade game making a comeback

Wow I remember this old X-Men arcade game back when I was a kid. Now it looks like they're making the arcade game available on the Xbox 360 in December. When I was younger, during the summer my parents signed me up with a place called the "Little House" which was down the street from where we lived. Don't ask, I have no idea why it was called that lol. It was kind of like a neighborhood day watch program for kids during the summer.

Anyways on some of the day trips we would go to a beach or amusement park. Of course the amusement parks had arcades there and I remember I would spend most of my time in there wasting my money on playing games lol. I still remember fun times playing that game as I always tried to play as Wolverine when I got a chance to play. When I ran out of money I would watch others play it too. It was the game back then. If you have never played it before here's a video of the gameplay action.

You'll choose between a handful of the classic X-Men including Wolverine, Cyclops, Nighcrawler, Collossus, Storm and Dazzler in your battle against Magneto and his band of Sentinels and brawling alligator-people. Don't expect any new characters, levels or bosses, as the game is ported directly from the original version, except with a noticeably nicer menu screen. That said, all the same fisticuffs action remains with wave after wave of enemies pouring from various portals and doors.

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