Wednesday, December 08, 2010

AMC The Walking Dead episode 6

Pre-order The Walking Dead: Season One now! Season one of The Walking Dead ended Sunday night with episode 6. If you haven't yet seen episode 6 don't read on. *Spoiler alert* So episode 6 named "TS-19" starts with them showing back during when things go wrong, as they show Shane in the hospital trying to take Rick out of the hospital but soldiers appear to be killing hospital staff and walkers/zombies that are trying to get into the hospital. After an explosion the hospital equipment shuts off and Shane tries to listen for Rick's heartbeat but doesn't hear it so he leaves the hospital, but not before blocking the doorway with a stretcher.

Then they come back to the present with the group going into the CDC building and meeting with the scientist there. They talk to the scientist about what is going on but he doesn't have much more info about it. The scientist goes a little mad, locking everyone in the building as it's about to decontaminate itself, which means it will explode in thirty minutes. Rick finally talks sense into the scientist to open the door and they break their way out, but not before some decide to stay behind. Some do change their mind and join the rest of the group in the vehicles. Before Rick left, the scientist whispered something into his ear. I wonder what he said to him. The episode ends with the vehicles driving off. So will next season start with the group heading to another city? This series has definitely been my favorite TV show this year. I don't watch much TV except for sports but this show kept be interested and coming back for more. Season 2 doesn't start until October 2011. That's a long time to wait but well worth the wait if they make it as good as they did in season 1.

The video below is a good watch as they talk to the characters and go through the episodes.

The Making of The Walking Dead Season One

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