Friday, March 04, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles video game

The new upcoming movie Battle: Los Angeles will have a video game released after the movie comes to theaters.

Battle: Los Angeles is a high-end fast and frantic first-person shooter game that will take players through a single player campaign that mirrors the upcoming feature film. Players will assume the role of a Marine fighting against a worldwide alien invasion that has the city of Los Angeles as the major battleground and focal point for the game. Players will battle unique and varied enemies, using an arsenal of weapons throughout the game like an assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, frag grenades, and a turret gun as they navigate the streets of Los Angeles avoiding fierce and relentless attacks. Aside from high-caliber fire fighting combat, destructible environments have been included using the Havok Destruction Module, which will allow players to destroy scaffolding structures, vehicles and overpasses to eliminate enemy forces.

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Adam said...

Yeah I spent the $10 and bought the game and downloaded it via Steam. The game is ok, not the greatest but not the worst. My PC which is kind of old by now had some trouble with the frame rate playing the game so make sure your PC can handle newer games.