Friday, March 11, 2011

The Walking Dead video game details

Some details have been released about the upcoming The Walking Dead video game.

Set for a release this Fall to coincide with the return of the TV series for its second season, Telltale Games, best known for adventure games like Sam & Max and the recent Back to the Future, will soon release The Walking Dead as an episodic game, running multi-platform. In an interesting twist, the game will actually adhere to the canon of the comic series, rather than the acclaimed TV series on which it's tentpolled. While no substantive details have been released about the game, Kirkman does make some promises about where it's heading. Hint: It will involve a lot of gory messes.

According to Kirkman:

"With the episodic nature of how they make the game, they can make a level and release a level, then make another level and release that level, so the game should come out in pretty rapid succession because of that."

Adding: "You'll be playing as characters from The Walking Dead for sure, and different levels you'll play as different people, so we'll see."

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