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The Walking Dead season 2 episode 4

Episode 4 "Cherokee Rose" of season 2 of The Walking Dead was on Sunday night and it was rather a slow episode. **Spoiler alert!** Do not read on if you haven't watched it yet.

In this episode, the survivors from the highway join the others at the farm house. They have a funeral service for Otis and Shane is asked to speak on his last moments. Here's where Shane's story could get messy. Shane says that he and Otis were both down to pistols, he says that Otis gave him his bag and told him to go on and he'll cover the rear. Shane then says he looked back and Otis was killed. Cover the rear? Rear of what? Cover him? With one bullet?

Lori tells Shane she wants him to stay. Hershel wants Rick and his crew to leave once his son is better. Before Glenn and Maggie leave to go to the pharmacy, Lori writes down something for him to get for her, a pregnancy test. Dale and T-Dog go to get some water from the well but they find a walker down in the well. Others from the group come to see and they decide to try and pull the walker out so it doesn't further infect the water. The water was being used by the farm animals right? They try and bait the walker with canned ham but it doesn't respond to it. So Glenn goes down and he is almost dropped down, but somehow manages to get the rope around the walker's neck. Glenn is brought back up and then they pull up the walker. But the walker tears in half and his lower half falls down into the well. T-Dog then kills the upper part of it.

Hershel and Rick have a chat about God. Daryl goes looking for Sophia and does not find her still. He finds a house with a recently opened can of sardines and a blanket and pillow. On the highway they leave a note and food for Sophia in case she returns there. Glenn and Maggie get closer in the pharmacy. Rick puts his badge in a drawer, maybe realizing he isn't a police officer anymore in this world. Lori goes outside and takes the pregnancy test and it's positive. She looks upset and we have to ask who's the father?

One thing that will probably come up in the next episode is the barn. Hershel didn't want Rick and his group to be near or in the barn. Hershel also said to Rick that he refuses to discuss certain aspects about the farm and if they follow his rules he'll consider letting them stay. I have not read The Walking Dead comic but I read the wiki page for it, and it said that Hershel in the comic, was keeping some family members who were walkers in the barn, so maybe that will happen on the TV show.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 4 "Cherokee Rose" highlights video

On Twitter I read some people saying that the walker in the well was Otis. I'm not sure how people think that was Otis as he was killed and had his face and arms bitten by walkers near the school. The walker in the well didn't look all bit up or anything, just deformed, probably from being in the water down in the well for so long. In the previews of next week's episode, we see that a walker finds the farm house and Merle, the racist character from the first episode of season 1, is back. That can only mean trouble. In the sneak peek video that they showed on TV for next week's episode, Daryl falls down a hill and is injured from his arrow it looked like. Someone on Twitter mentioned that Daryl's arrow was probably not cleaned after killing a previous walker so will he be infected? The Talking Dead after-show at midnight ET didn't really talk all that much about the episode, mainly filled with commercials again and some bad jokes, but we got to see a preview for next week's episode (not the one below).
The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 5 "Chupacabra" sneak peek video

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Paul said...

Referring to Daryl's fall in the preview for next week's show, it did look like one of his arrows was in him in his side pretty good. The last time I remember Daryl used his arrow gun was when he shot the hanging walker. So that arrow is probably clean I'm guessing.