Monday, November 14, 2011

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 5

Episode 5, "Chupacabra" of season 2 of The Walking Dead was on Sunday night and I found it to be another slow episode until the end of course. So here's the quick recap of episode 5. *Spoiler alert*

The episode starts out showing a flashback of the start of the zombie apocalypse with human survivors, where Shane, Lori, Carl, Carol, Sophia and the abusive husband Ed all stuck on the highway in a car jam. Shane and Lori walk up the road to try and see what's going on. They see military helicopters bombing the city.

It comes back to the present. Some of the survivors head out in 2-person groups still searching for Sophia. Rick and Shane are one small group and along their search they talk. Shane wants to stop searching and leave while Rick wants to find Sophia.

Daryl searches on his own while riding a horse. He finds Sophia's doll but not Sophia. As he moves on, a snake scares the horse and it throws Daryl off and into a ravine. One of his arrows goes straight through his side. He gets up and tries climbing toward a ridge but slips and falls. Daryl has a dream or something with his brother, Merle, talking to him, mostly mocking him and trying to turn him against the group. It could be Merle's spirit or something if Merle did die or it could just be Daryl's own mind talking to himself using Merle's image. Daryl wakes up to find a walker trying to bite his boots. Daryl kills the two zombies and then a squirrel for food.

Daryl climbs the ravine again and reaches the top. During his climb, Merle appears again and talks more to him. Daryl finally reaches the top. He finds his way back to the farmhouse coming from the forest. Andrea spots him with a rifle and alerts the group it's a walker as Daryl is limping, dirty and has blood on him. Rick tells Andrea not to shoot. Rick, Shane, T-Dog and Glenn run towards Daryl thinking he's a walker. When they reach him they realize it's Daryl and not a walker. For whatever reason Andrea shoots and the bullet grazes the side of Daryl's head. Hershel helps patch up Daryl.

They have a dinner all together. Maggie and Glenn exchange notes on a piece of paper while at the "kids table." They want to meet up again. After dinner Maggie reads the note and Glenn said to meet in the barn. Glenn climbs up into the barn and finds that the lower part of the barn is full of walkers. Maggie runs to the barn and meets Glenn at the window where he got in as he's trying to get out as fast as possible. Maggie says, "You weren't supposed to see this."

This was a good episode but for me it was slow until the end. As in the comic book, Hershel is keeping walkers in the barn. Maybe he's thinking that there will be a cure out there or that he can save them somehow? In the comic, Hershel's eldest son is a walker in the barn so I get a feeling that will happen on the show too.

Recap video
Next week's episode looks good. In the preview video below for next week, Shane is trying to train Andrea to shoot and kill. In a different preview for next week I saw on television, Shane and Andrea look to be in a residential neighborhood with walkers coming towards them. Andrea is seen trying to reload I think while Shane watches and Andrea yells something like "Are you kidding me?" referring to Shane standing there and not helping her.
The Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Episode 206, Secrets sneak peek video

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