Monday, November 21, 2011

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 6

Episode 6, "Secrets" of season 2 of The Walking Dead on Sunday night was a good one that leaves us viewers hanging and having to wait until next week's "mid-season finale" to find out what happens next. And yes, next week's episode is the last one for a while. I don't know when the show will return but I'm going to guess in January maybe? Update: Someone's comment on the site said the show will return February 12th. That is a long time from now until then.

So here's the quick recap of episode 6. *Spoiler alert*

Patricia brings chickens to the barn to feed them to the walkers that are being kept in there. The group goes to practice shooting a gun, even Carl is practicing, after getting caught taking a hand gun from the van. Dale and Glenn stay behind and Glenn tells Dale that the barn is full of walkers and Lori is pregnant. Dale talks with Hershel about the walkers in the barn. Hershel think that the walkers are still people, which includes his wife and step-son.

Shane tries to teach Andrea how to shoot under pressure but goes too far by bringing up her dead sister Amy. Shane and Andrea then go look for Sophia in a deserted-looking residential neighborhood. Dale talks with Lori about her pregnancy. Maggie and Glenn go to the town pharmacy again trying to find some things Lori wanted. Maggie is grabbed by a walker and Glenn saves her. Maggie and Glenn return and Maggie is upset at Lori because they almost died getting Lori "morning after" pills.

Shane and Lori don't find Sophia and find themselves getting surrounded by walkers. They shoot and kill some, Andrea looks like she's a natural now, and they get in the car and drive off. On the drive back, Shane and Andrea stop and get busy. Lori takes the pills but then makes herself throw them up. Shane and Andrea return to the farmhouse and Dale sees them look at each other. Dale confronts Shane alone and says that he thinks he should leave. He says he's looking out for the group and he knows something happened with Otis and he remembered seeing Shane aiming his gun at Rick back in Atlanta, and says, "I know what kind of man you are." Shane replies by saying Rick is his best friend and basically says if you think I could shoot my best friend then what do you think I could do to someone I don't like who is throwing accusations at me. Shane gives Dale a scary look and smirk. Dale looks a little worried and gives the look like "wow Shane really is crazy."

Rick finds the morning after packets, finds Lori and they talk about it. During their talk Rick asks if there is anything else he should know and she says "Shane and I" and pauses. Rick says, "I know. You thought I was dead, right?" Lori nods and cries.

Recap video
So now all of the secrets are out and in next week's episode it looks like Shane is trying to take charge and wants to take out the walkers in the barn. Next week's episode should be good, as it's the mid-season finale, so will the group be forced to leave the farm? Will they finally find Sophia?
The Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Episode 207, Pretty Much Dead Already sneak peek video
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