Friday, February 24, 2012

The Walking Dead, season 2 episode 9

Last Sunday was episode 9 of season 2 of The Walking Dead and there was a lot of action. If you haven't seen the episode yet, don't read anymore.

Here's a quick recap or watch the video below. Lori wakes up in the car that she crashed and she manages to escape two walkers. Rick, Glenn and Hershel stay in the bar as two guys show up looking for their friends, which Rick just took out in self defense, and a gun fight breaks out. Shane goes out looking for Lori and brings her back, but lies saying that Rick and the others are back at the farm. At the bar, Hershel shoots a guy who shot at Glenn. A young man named Randall, from the other group, was on a rooftop shooting at Rick and Glenn, but his friend drives up and is trying to get out of there as more walkers are coming. Randall tries to jump down but gets injured and stuck and his friend drives off. Rick and the others fight off some walkers, help Randall and take him back to the farm. At the end comes a twist as Lori talks with Rick, and Rick says that he had to kill the living to protect her, Carl their son and their unborn child. Lori then goes into this kind-of-like mind game saying that Rick killed the living to protect them, and now Shane is saying that he loves her, that Shane believes their unborn baby is his, and that Rick can't protect them. It ends with Rick's face giving a scary evil look. It seems Lori is trying to get Rick to take out Shane.

Here's a video with the higlights from The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger, Season 2, Episode 9.

From the preview of next week's episode they showed after the show, it looks like Rick and Shane fight each other outside a school or jail, I couldn't really tell. It also shows Maggie yelling at Andrea, telling her to stay out of the house. So I think the sick girl who they think is in shock, may be sick with whatever has happened in this "world" and she may turn into a walker. We'll find out Sunday night. Here's a look ahead to this Sunday's new episode. Sneak Peek Episode 210: The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out, Season 2, Episode 10. Lori gives Maggie some relationship advice in this scene from episode 210.

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