Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 12: Better Angels

The Walking Dead: Better Angels, Season 2, Episode 12, was an interesting episode Sunday night as we [Spoiler Alert!] see Shane dies, as it seemed he wanted Rick to kill him, pushing him on how he talked about his wife and kid. Then we see that the dead come back to life as Shane and Randall both come back as walkers. So now we know everyone is "infected" or has this thing (whatever you want to call it) where if you die and you have no brain damage, then you turn into a walker. At the end of episode, they show a "herd" of walkers coming towards the gun shots and following Rick and Carl to the farm house. Next week's episode looks like it will mostly be zombie killing.

So earlier in the episode, Lori talks with Shane, maybe giving him false hope for them to be together, and apologizes to him. Hershel lets everyone move into the house as fall/winter is coming. Shane later goes to the shack where Randall is being held and looks like he is going a little crazy or fighting himself in what to do with him. Shane eventually takes Randall out, bloodies himself, comes back to camp making it look like Randall attacked him. Then they (Rick and Shane pair up and Glenn and Daryl pair up) go out with the woods to search for him. Glenn and Daryl find Randall as a walker now and take him out. Daryl sees that his neck is broken and that's how he died. Meanwhile Shane leads Rick out into the woods and then to a hill where he pulls a gun on Rick. Watch the highlights below to see. Here's a good AMCTV The Walking Dead video with the actors/actresses talking about this episode.

Quick highlight video of The Walking Dead: Better Angels, Season 2, Episode 12

Jon Bernthal, Shane, talks about his character's thinking when he leads Rick into the woods:
"I think there's a part of Shane himself that knows he is no longer fit to be among the people." "He knows how much of a danger he is. He knows now he's killed yet another human being, and I think a part of this is him really spurring and challenging and getting Rick to step up and encompass what Shane has and take Shane out. I think there's a suicidal flavor." He went on explaining, "There's a flavor there that's really saying, 'Come on, man, I'm challenging you to be the man that's fit to raise the woman I love and the child I love and my child on the way. Come on and step up, raise your gun.' And there's a part of him that so desperately wants Rick to be that man, and when Rick finally does it, there's an element of some sort of relief." Source
Sneak peek video for next week's episode, the season finale. Episode 213, The Walking Dead: Beside The Dying Fire

With the season 2 finale next week you have to think some characters will be getting killed off the show because some new characters are coming for season 3. I think the obvious choices for those who may not make it to season 3 are: Carol, Maggie's sister, and Maggie's sister's boyfriend. I think everyone else will be staying for the next season. Who do you think will be leaving the show in the finale?

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