Friday, April 13, 2012

The Walking Dead notes and answered questions

I've read others asking the same questions over and over about The Walking Dead show so I thought I would create a post answering some that have already been answered by people from The Walking Dead show. Also if you haven't read it yet, The Walking Dead's show runner Glen Mazzara has a post on the AMC The Walking Dead web site here that answers frequently asked questions that you should read as well.

Some people want to know the backstory to how the whole zombie apocalypse and outbreak started but the show is not going to go into that, just like the comic hasn't either.
THR: Will determining the cause of the outbreak be something that the group, now that they know they're all infected, spends time on?
Mazzara: Robert has not been interested in addressing in the comic book, and I'm not interested in addressing in the show. That being said, if it leads to new story -- if there's something that's important that we get out of it -- I'll be the first one to write it. But right now the cause of the zombie outbreak seems irrelevant. I always want the show to play like a horror movie every week. If you define what caused the outbreak, that puts us in a world of science fiction, and this isn't science fiction to me, it's horror. In my mind that's two different genres, so that is an important distinction to me.

What will season 3 be about? Will there be lots of zombie action?
Kirkman: We're transitioning into a new world. This has very much been a show about what's going on in this world, how do we survive; everyone is scared. We're going to be moving into a different world where everyone knows how to survive and they're faced with more adversaries, danger and different kinds of threats. That's very much what Season 3 is going to be about. Introducing Michonne the way we did is a big part of that. This is the first time we've seen someone who's out in the wilderness, on their own. She certainly seemed capable.

Who will be playing the Michonne character?
Michonne will be played by actress Danai Gurira. Source:

Will you tell Michonne's backstory?
Mazzara: We have an idea of Michonne's back story and that is something that we will address in a surprising way. I know people are going to ask, are we going to go back and do flashbacks of where Michonne was when the outbreak broke out. Probably not.

Who are the two walkers that Michonne has in chains?
"In the comic they are the re-animated corpses of her boyfriend and his best friend. They allow her to walk around freely with no fear of walker attacks." Source: A comment from a blog post about the finale. Sorry I forgot what site I read this on.

The helicopter from the beginning of Season 2 finale, who's in it?
If they go by the comic, it's most likely some of the Governor's men searching for something.

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